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I can not help it but I got geoles last week when I heard "Touchdown confirmed," and then I did; NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory is a real driver of Mission Control as the broadcasting history of the text.

I, along with a number of other Landscapes, looked like Mars InSight Lander came on Mars.

The InSight, short for Internal Investigation using Seismic Analysis Geology and Heating Transport, had traveled almost 485 million kilometers.

Seven months of travel ended in what NASA is calling seven minutes of boundaries with the InSight; go to Mars.

Without its time on the InSight to reduce its massive speed of 19,975 km / h to eight kilometers / hour before it fell calmly on a neatly powerful surface.

NASA's eighth mission will continue to land on Mars to explore two years to explore its inner garden, a deep structure of its & planet by digging a five-meter hole beneath the surface, and # 39; Sadly where nobody has gone before.

The aim of the InSight project is to & # 39; examined the process created by the planet for 4.5 billion years ago. The project gives a vision (goodness of its) into how the internal planets of the internal solar system, and # 39; including the Earth, consistently produced, which monitors the beat of Mars.

At the same time, back on Earth, I was thinking about two other psychosures, it might not have been as interesting as the one that just came to Mars.

The third generation of the 2019 Honda Insight, in which I had been providing economic support around her; town, sitting in my path, waiting for another mission and his / her; Encouraging memories in spring 2009 when I gave Honda Insight on a whole of Canada.

When Honda introduced his first Insight in North America in 1999, he was firmly stuck when there was no device maker.

Introduced as a 2000 model, the Insight hit the Toyota Prius for seven months as the first conversation available to the North American market.

At that time, the two-passenger dual-seat motors with the runner-up spots were back, the car that was in the car. The most effective use of gasoline available in the United States of America could not plug-in.

The vehicle had a small, light and tidy cage shaped and sure to & # 39; stand out of the population, for better or worse. Just before the end of the campaign that was made in 2006, the Insight won the RAC Car Challenge to come from Brighton to London, finishing the rally with an illegal waste of 2.9 L / 100km.

The second generation Insight was still shaped but designed to make dual-fuel technology more accessible to a wider range of customers. At the time it appeared in 2009, it was the most expensive available.

Last year, Garry decided to investigate the environmental impact of Canada with her first insight on her & her; affecting the soil of Canada, leaving Mile 0 in Victoria, British Columbia, on a Day; Pacific on Earth.

    The safety features that you would expect from Honda, like to & # 39; support handling, appropriate travel control, converter warnings, high self-sufficiency sessions and recognition for traffic signs, general on Honda Insight 2019. - Honda
The safety features that you would expect from Honda, like to & # 39; support handling, appropriate travel control, converter warnings, high self-sufficiency sessions and recognition for traffic signs, general on Honda Insight 2019. – Honda

We would engineer the Insight of 1.3 liters, four cylinders, electric gas on a 11,500 kilometer route across Canada, and, Stopping the way at environmental venues that showed what citizens, communities and companies were doing to make a difference in reducing the carbon footprint of humans.

Between Mile 0 in Victoria and Mile 0 in St. John & Newfoundland, we have explored initiatives such as the Vancouver-based social level 3 students who saved bogs from destruction, total eco-city in Saskatchewan, and & # 39, going around the greenest zoo in Canada Granby, Quebec, and visited the new artist Brunswick who makes fine art from the rubbish.

It was a strong vehicle; In Insight the second generation then and third time, Honda Insight in 2019 is beyond my way.

Taken up on the Civilian platform, the 2019 scene is beautiful and, in my opinion, is better to look better than it's, Civil The first two genealogy is a chrom-format, which is a nerdy-send car format, a & # 39; away and the sedan, especially in the Tour, is a & # 39; feel more mature and higher.

A four-liter four-inch gasoline engine that gives power to power to Honda Insight 2019. Two electrical devices allow Insight to run around 1.6km of clean electricity and a & # 39; make 129 horsepower for 151 destinations together at 6,000 RPM.

The switch from gas to gasoline is almost obvious. Then then they will be removed and when they are "#; Combining Improving Insight Interactive Factor.

The living area in 2019's understanding, usually threatened by a fuel tank battery pack, similar to those that are not interconnected by Civilians, and thanking Honda goods packing on & # 39; battery pack under the back seat. The back seat is comfortable and spacious.

The safety features you would expect from Honda, like to # 39; Supporting handling, suitable travel control, dedication notation, high automation lines and traffic signal on regular insight into the Insight.

The Honda Insight in 2019 is a real shape that looks mainstream, as it is.

Between to watch InSight Lander to & # 39; affecting our neighbor Mars, desiring the achievement of people in the field of science, engineering and technology and his / her; spend time in the effective 2019 Honda Insight to remember about cross-country drivers, it's been an interesting week).

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