Lady Gaga Comes to The Rescue With Pizza, Gift Cards, and Coffee



This year has been very busy for Lady Gaga. With the release of a full-length feature film, a Grammy performance, and talks of new music, it is an understatement to say has been preoccupied with her career. There really never is a good time to be evacuated from your home due to a wildfire. However, right after the release of a movie you starred in is probably not the best time. Gaga was not about to let this slow her down. She has been on the go and not only just because she has a lot to get done.

When you think of someone delivering a stack of pizzas, you probably do not think of a world-famous pop-superstar. Well, this time it was a superstar who had a giant stack of pizzas for her fellow human beings. On World Kindness Day, Stefani Germanotta came to the aid of her fellow Malibu residents who have been displaced by the intense wildfires in the area. She arrived at an American Red Cross shelter with a stack of pizzas, gift cards, and coffee. This was her attempt at helping her neighbors rebuild their lives after losing everything they once had.

You may think that someone who was just evacuated from a multi-million dollar mansion would be thinking about herself. Even though the recent Woolsey Canyon fire had caused Gaga to leave her precious home, she started to think of others first. With 435 homes and structures destroyed, there were plenty of people out there to help.

Lady Gaga is a great example of what kind people do during hard times. It is easy to crumble during devastation, but it is not what the real star players do. Lady Gaga has set a great example for everyone in the Malibu area. If everyone bands together to help those who have lost their homes, the whole situation will feel a whole lot less bleak. In a world where there are countless criminals and wrongdoers, it almost seems like Lady Gaga is too good for planet Earth.

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