Lagarde eurozone area is not safe from an economic storm


International Finance Fund (IMF) Chief Inspector Christine Lagarde Thursday warned people that the euro-zone countries are not fast enough to withstand the new economic situation despite acknowledging the existence of the region t the better economic climate.

Lagarde said in a Paris conference in Paris that the euroz was "not flexible enough" to appear to appear without "unexpected economic storms".

Lagarde admitted that the euro area is now "stronger than it was ten years ago when the international financial crisis occurred," but he continued, "but it is not flexible enough."

"The banking system is safe, but it's not secure enough, economic benefits are generally better, but the benefits of growth are not shared sufficiently," she told participants at the conference that a bank said. T And the French middle classes were arranged.

The Lagarde warnings are coming at a sign of slower economic growth in Europe, particularly in Germany, the world's largest economy, and the French second economy.

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