Lahcen Daoudi wants to take his hand to tankers


by & # 39; Fayçal Ismaili 20/02/2019 at 20h57 (updated 21/02/2019 at 21m00)

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Lahcen Daoudi, Minister of Representation for General Affairs and Governance.

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Kiosque360. The organization of the Groupement des petroliers du Maroc is surprised when his minister's minister abandoning the idea that was just taken out by the orders regarding their determination on margins.

Clearly, the work meeting with Minister Lahcen Daoudi left an impression of surprise to members of the Moroccan Oil Organization (MPG) production group. "We do not understand both the irrelevant or disagreeable of our minister for trying to give the clear advice on his advice," said the GPM leader from the beginning to our colleagues in our daily lives. Tuesday who gives an article to this meeting, in his 21st February magazine.

At this meeting, a & # 39; On the first day following the Council's opinion, the Minister for General Affairs and Management, Lahcen Daoudi, made clear to the members of the GPM that the government had decided on the edges. But the failure is to return to a system of regulated prices that the state has set out, as in the compensation scheme; before. A decision that, according to the GPM, can build two major challenges in the future.

First of all, says a member of the GPM, if prices are set and the beds are installed, it means that "if the world prices are rebuilt, It is a state that needs to support the difference in a way that is otherwise ". This will mean to & # 39; Pay billions of dirhams to keep the elevations.

In the course of the warranty, for a simple memorial, the State had to pay around 35 billion motions to keep prices at world prices. So, it may return to its defensive box.

The other case raised by the tankers, "so far, the minister is talking about established prices, but not giving a signal of the compensatory measures that will be granted". That said, and even if they indicate that they do not agree with their & # 39; Minister Daoudi has made a decision that has been announced to regulate prices at the Pump, MOC members say they "have no choice but comply with the law." ", For the State to take full responsibility and outcomes. File continues.

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