Laila Alawi remembers Ahmed Zaki with a vision that comes together … Masrawy


07:46 PM

Sunday 18 November 2018

Write me – Manal al-Jawushi:

Laila Alawi, is an official page of the Instagram site, which marks the birth of the great star Ahmed Zaki, featuring the film "Laugh the Image Tataa Helwa".

Laila said: "Your jobs are reserved and your history is talking to you, the story of the Egyptian cinema Ahmed Zaki."

The film "Laugh the picture Ttala sweet" by Ahmed Zaki, Laila Alawi, Sana Jameel, Mona Zaki, Karim Abdul Aziz, written by Wahid Hamid, and led by Sharif Arafa.

The year of birth of the great star Ahmed Zaki, which is an unprecedented printed print left and shows a series of most important roles in his career, including "an important woman , "" innocent "," Soillse ", and others.

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