Lajčák finished the diplomatic dictionary and removed his astound


He introduced one of his worst exhibitions.

Miroslav Lajcak Rural Affairs Minister did not live in the parliamentary foreign committee before the mouth. Without packing, he criticized the Global UN Compact on migration to spread misunderstanding.

Lajcak refused to believe that the UN document would be Opening the way for refugee waves to Europe.

"Anyone who says something different, misleading, crash and lost. Such statements have already been here. In the case of Slovakia , we are shaken by "certified information" about how we have signed up to the confirmation of other Marrakech, in which we are committed to 11,000 migrants from Africa and pay every one monthly every 800 euros (…) Over half a year has passed, where are the migrants? It's not a mistake or a hearing. And where are those who were scared Then, are they denied? On the face. These messages will spread the same sites of harmony, the same tricks, and some of the president's candidates, "said Lajčák.

The immigrants from Slòcaia are quiet

The minister opposed the agreement that does not support migration and that it is essential to have a & # 39; fight with illegal migration. "Does not create new rights for migrants. And does that confirm human rights for migrants? But these include all living units mentioned in General Declaration of Human Rights. "Can not we go to this question in Slovakia in 2018?" Lajčák asked by lawyers.

He also went to the birth of his global consensus. "192 say, international organizations, civil society, academic community – all at one record. This has created a global framework. Every country in the world has a migration experience. And last half Every day the UN member states dispatched each other about these experiences: what's good, what's wrong, what works and what does not work. This knowledge has brought about the nations and gave him a global framework, "explained the minister.

He also highlighted the situation of Slovakia.

"192 countries have sat at the table: there were ordinary departure countries, including passwords and destinations. We can just say that the Republic of Slobhacia is part of the three divisions," he said.

"This framework also applies to the Slogans operating overseas. Ask yourself whether you've been thinking about overseas Slovakia and their rights in the last few weeks after the media statements on migration. I'm not scared, "said the minister.

As the problem disappears

He said that this is a set of suggestions or goals. "It's not the Bible and there are no orders we need to watch. Let's tell you what you do and what is not," he said.

It was also taken into account that people who oppose their & # 39; subject of migration to provide any solutions.

"In other words: Do nothing. As the problem disappears when we face it we do not see it. If it does not go away, let it dealing with others. If you take off the diplomas away from the table and tell them not to attend the conferences, so fight with the interests of Slovakia, "he explained other developments.

"It's interesting that no one wants more than 180 countries attending the conference. Are you feeling in Moscow, Beijing or Paris, after careful examination of the text with the experts, have they got the wrong result? "He asked.

The problem will grow faster. For example, due to population explosion. In video subtitles, you will find out where the population grows greatly, and where people are going to do it. falling out:

They blew him

Despite the word words, Lajčák did not.

In the committee, even with members' votes; in partnership, they voted to resign their global contract. In the partnership, the minister did not; get very little support.

The Minister said, "But I have nothing to sign. There are no signs in Marrakech anywhere else."

He also sent a warning.

"I have a special view of Slovakia and I also want to represent it abroad. If he chooses a xenophobia and abusive policy, he must take over another minister," said Lajčák, who was nominated by his & # 39 Smer-SD's most powerful government party.

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