Lajcak gets self-confidence. What will happen now? (Interview)


Miroslav Lajcak's position strengthens the accounts that he would have; The president's election, according to the political expert Radoslav Štefančík, of the University of Economics in Bratislava, has clearly benefited.

How do you show an interim dialogue? Why is this a matter?

Radoslav Štefančík

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The subject is due to the fact that Robert Fico is not only, but also Andrei Danko has discovered that migration is a good theme for moving voters. Robert Fico is always trying to find an enemy. First, Hungarian people, a Roman later, for a long time; , even those who opposed the construction of roads.

From 2015, this is a group that has migrants, regardless of whether they are refugees, ie unlawful migration or immigrant workers who leave their country to another country to get better jobs.

Before the elections in 2015, Robert Fico found that a subject of immigration was dealt with not only by his electors but also by the CIS electors. Marian Kotleb has found this long ago. A migrant is a person who is suited to his own mental, enemy, and is very good at addressing it. Robert Fico can not be satisfied but in 2015 that wave of wavelengths will affect the world and Europe.

Why do they agree publicly about something that is not normal and emotional? In terms of ordinary Slovakia, there is no concern about the immigration issue.

Yes, residents of the Slovak Republic do not usually be involved, but people are moving forward and, above all, social networks are opposed to migrants, not only the face of refugees.

But if it does not worry and do not go to it; live with the migration ever, why are they doing it anyway?

Because they are scared about something imaginative, from a community, before adding them into other cultural patterns. When we look 10 or 15 years ago, voters were not opposed to Hungary in South Slovenian, where they met the Hungarian members, but in particular those who were living in northern Slovakia, those not frequently exposed to Hungarians.

Why is not it a question for political scientists, but for psychiatrist, or those who have a psychiatrist? deal with imaginative fear or disagree with something weird.

Miroslav Lajcak, Robert Fico, is also featured, but also interview with Zuzana Vatrálova, including an interview with Radoslav Štefančík, in our subdivision:

Do you know how Miroslav Lajcak comes in as long as he is a? to drop off such a topic?

Of course there is This case is very important for Minister Lajcak, the World War Agreement was created when he was the leader of the UN General Assembly. Under this document, he is signed as a co-author, his son is his.

In this case, I am going to; Understanding Lajčák, because he does not understand the missions and the unnecessary disturbance that he has, arise about this agreement in Slovakia.

Do you know how to give Miroslav Lajcak as President of Smer's president?

There is. Robert Fico also sends the Minister for Lajcak for a long time, because he has a keen interest in foreign policy, so I know how to think about it.

On the other hand, Robert Fic will not win anyone as a party in the president's election, but that he is chaired by Smer and, in fact, the party itself has held some positions up. Experience shows that the subject of migration is very important to it, so it is maintains its filtering capability, which affects its & # 39; issue of migration, still alive.

Can you think if Miroslav Lajčák was formally elected to the president's election as a civil advocate, would it just be an independent game?

Lajčák Minister said that he could think of himself as a civil advocate. I think Lajčák is now a vibrant wave, as it is clear to her; has a significant impact on public opinion polls as a candidate who may be a presiding officer although he is still not nominated.

He again says that he is even a & # 39; think about it. How do you interpret this?

This is, indeed, a tactical. This can not be said in advance and obviously waiting for the & # 39; public response. It is important that he did not have those options as he does before two or three months ago.

When President Fico Smer stood, he was at the top and even out of the election he was lost. Which president's candidate for Smer wanted to go pre-election?

However, these public opinion statements show that Lajčá will not win in the # 39; first round, but he had good opportunities in the second round. Its self-confidence in this case has been expanded and & # 39; possibly influenced by these advanced results of public opinion research, its opinion on its claim is capable of changing.

Do you think he would be the president who would have been elected because he intended to give something to politics, and Miroslav Lajčák was a president more confident and more independent than Smer was a Thinking and Desiring?

The Minister Lajčák seems to be a party candidate for the direction from which he / she expects to do so much more than his headquarters; party and thinking.

Despite this, it has been the subject of its Universal Movement Agreement that he is and, if elected, can be made by the President's Office in the & # 39; conscience and conscience itself and can not be downloaded at any party games.

Do you trust that this is not just a game before the elections?

I do not think that this Lajčák played this game, and that it would be so politically and comfortable to do mentally or closely linked. I do not think it's a fake game. If someone plays a focused game, & # 39; It's not Danko no Fico a th ', but I do not; Lajcak relied on as a diploma much larger than two.

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