Lajčák on the Imrich nan DA Pack: "We are not happy about it


Lajčák about the American immigrant phaclan: "We are not happy to have people affected by this case, xenophobes and nationalists who mislead and mislead the document This is not just about building their own population but a harmful way, "said the foreign minister after meeting with Federico Mogherini.

He also spoke with the EU Producer for Foreign Affairs and the UN Immigration Agreement Security Policy. He said that this case was "very important" at present in Europe and in a Slovak area and reminded that the EU had an active role in agreeing this text.

"All our ideas, including Slovia, and those from the European Union, have been included in the text of the document," said Lajčák.

The contract is also criticized by its & # 39; Prime Minister Robert Fico, video over weekends saying UN UN Migration Agreement is inconsistent with Slovakia's national immigration policy.

"The number of illegal imprisonments in Europe has been illegally imposing major threats to protect the security of people, the sustainability of political systems, and increase the risk of terrorism, and the dangers of lifestyle of Europe, "said Fico in a video. (task, n)

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