Lajčák says he does not want to be part of the political struggle inside


He did not resist his position.

Foreign Affairs Minister and European Affairs Miroslav Lajčák (named Smeru-SD) do not want to be part of political problems within the organization. He said that the debate on accommodation for the Global UN Company on Migration is an attempt to get political points. He did not get rid of his job impossible.

"Again, I want to say clearly that I do not intend to move to Slovakia and that document does not guide it. My functions have a recognized immigration policy, there are three regular years. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, just because they're going to the boiler or there are races here, what Kotleba is bigger than Kotleba, I have nothing to do, "he said.

He reminded the ministers that the government made more effective employment of people from third Tuesday.

"When we agree to point 12, I have drawn my fellow members to us that we have just received a document on a regulated migration, which is regulated, legitimate and safe. They did not return their vote because the opposition would be common, because this debate is against common peace, "said Lajčák.

He did not resist his position. "I can not refuse anything at this time. I am responsible, I have a sense of mind, OSCE Leaders are waiting for us, but again, if Slovakia has to choose to go Through xenophobia, I can not even represent Slocoa in foreign countries. If I do not have the trustworthy Guide, I can not be a minister, and I still want to say that my health and my professional humanity and that is more important for me than the chairman, "said the minister.

Slovak Interests

The head of the diploma said he would be happy to be a foreign minister, and at the same time as the president of the UN General Assembly, it would not be part of something despite Slovak interests.

"What the document says is that the paper has a clear respect, the capacity of the Member States, that each country determines itself, what it is & # 39 ; consider being legal and what is the illegal migration, "said Lajčák, saying that he is a catalog of ideas; unless it is connected to any country.

The fundamental grievances of the world's Worldwide Potential on Migration are proposed; Parliament debate. In this context, Lajčák a & # 39; Combined with the National Council of the Soviet Republic on Wednesday (21 November).

Migration series structure

The Slovak National Party (CIS) does not want the World Universe Capacity for Slovakia to be binding. He has set up a resolution in the Parliament; suggest that Slovakia does not participate in her & # 39; migration agreement. We do not agree to accept the consensus, and we are the family and the SaS.

When the Migration Agreement was adopted, the UN member states 193 agreed in September 2016. Work began on its text in April 2017.

The aim of a 34-page paper is to help emigrate migrant routes better and strengthen emigration rights. It emphasizes the incapacity of the sovereignty of individual countries and their right to the form of a migration policy.

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