Lakers negotiate with Suns for Ariza


The Los Angeles Lakers participate in speeches to try to get Phoenix Suns on Trevor Ariza, including the ESPN laws.

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The teams have been working to reach an agreement with a third team that would include the Lakers guard, Caldwell-Pope, as part of a potentially larger contract, said that there were laws.

The Suns want to get a game match and a stream of resources such as Ariza's download price, said the sources. Phoenix and Los Angeles have made progress in the third-team settings, although there are no close-ups and the two teams are still involved in many trade talks throughout the league, the sources said.

An exchange can not be made formally until Saturday, when players like Ariza, set up for a summer holiday group, are entitled to trade.

Ariza is one of the most important business assets for the Suns, who have lost 22 of the games that have been played; at present, and their best chance to strengthen their range of protection and win assets. Most of the teams who are interested are interested. fighting in getting Ariza, 33, who was very much a & # 39; supporting the Houston Rockets in the past few seasons.

Caldwell-Pope's provocation power is in exchange, but the Lakers have been willing to work with their agent, Rich Paul, if there is an agreement to increase their role and that they may have been signed up in the summer with a new team, league wells. Caldwell-Pope's one-year contract is for $ 12 million.

Caldwell-Pope, 25, saw his shortcomings that collapsed with his soldier's number from the last season. It raises 8.5 points in 21 minutes, which includes 38 per cent in general and 34 per cent; hunt in triple. He signed a one-year contract and $ 12 million to return to the Lakers this season.

Ariza signed one-year contract for $ 15 million with Phoenix summer. Phoenix is ​​involved in the start of 4-22 seasons, watching for a guard that allows Devin Booker to go to; Keeping a star to play more consistently from the member.

The contract is a disappearing allowing Lakers flexibility to & # 39; salary salaries in a summer holiday group. Lakers' general manager, Rob Pelinka, represented Ariza as a substitute before going to Lakers headquarters.

Ariza provides a rationalization of 9.7 points, 5.5 revival and 3.3 a & 39; help this season.

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