Lam Khanh Chi is angry when her husband put bad adverse cultures into her


Book 4 Marsh Stars with topics Liarraidh, the artists of Yen Trang, a couple Lam Khanh Chi – Phi Hung and the Chau Dang Khoa musician together; correcting himself to defend his arguments.

When the MC moved on this subject, the artists are delighted that the Mars openly "open banner" has been shown to the heart, Venus's sister is more "trick" lying in love with the flowers . Mr

Open to & # 39; A wild battle between the two teams, MC Zhen Hua gave the first question about "Men and women, who are worse" Emergency response from the team When she said that the answer was not necessary because men always have reasons for searching when they meet women.

Having been vindicated to human beings, recognize her & her; The Duchess of Thinh also have the bed to maintain pleasure in love, in marriage because women are stunning and jealous, sometimes lying They are always "medication" to take them confidence.

Lam Khanh Chi believes with a picture

The singer often does not control the feelings when they listened to her "whistle" person to everyone

Be aware of Duc Thinh, "chairman" Tran Thanh declared that "jealous women" and MC men are also "suffering" when Hari Won … breaks his time the hymn on be published.

It is more spectacular, Director Duc Thinh also said that his wife was the "most dangerous inspector" in the family that he should not tell the words of a half-heart to "get" immediately.

The most attention in this episode is the singer Lam Khanh Chi – Phi Hung. By becoming sub-sexy and its; Many of the lives of life and life assaults, Lin Khanh Chi became a very fragile woman but as a result Phi Hung is a patience and is always in love with the singer in coordination or sight in life.

However, all things change when the two come together with a special "test" Zhenqing. Only in the first question on her & # 39; "lying", a list of Phi Hung's reasons for his wife that Lin Khanh Chi "was" back "was also surprised.

By trying to injure her, Phi Hung said that she had been able to " happy happiness. In addition, the person also exposes "pain" issues to act as a " lie to get into their own when they go with his wife to buy.

Stopping there, the couple's "battle" is pushed high as the series of questions on Chan Chan's MC for the Hung as the person for "avoiding all women's wives, in particular The time of the jealous singer. It's amazing when her husband from a few people just come to this episode, suddenly brutally unusual, Lin Khanh fire You "tear" when her husband "arranges" once and again.

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