Lam "West" took a good, bad bad member


Even "West" also gave an amazing impression in the 72th minute when they watched the fans and kissed the national flag after the objectives were to be done; pick up the 2-0 scout against the English counterparts. These images are millions of "heart" fans throughout the country.

The spirit of the warriors was taken by the Russian guardian who was born in Russia after being abolished from the ASIAD 2018 competition. More than three months ago, after a friendly game against Uzbekistan, HL Park Hang-this has announced that the 2018 officially has the 20-player list of ASIADs and is not named Van Lam. This decision is a logo because Lin "West" is always the first choice in the wooden frame.

Lam Tay captures her & # 39; wall, bad attack - Picture 1.

Van Lam is sure he will improve, but he needs to develop the hunting. Photograph: Hai Anh

However, "West" Web is not inspired. "My fans know that Lam has never been easy, but that is why I always struggle and struggle." Lam's blood is "Vietnamese spirit" and I have never done "- a Russian-Vietnamese Secretary-General is divided.

That spirit has been encouraging to & # 39; player to qualify for the best capture in the AFF Cup 2018. Two matches with Laos and Malaysia, Lam "West" are a solution in the wooden frame that helps Vietnam It's not just promised to do.

According to colleagues who play in the V-League, Dang Van Lam needs to improve his & her; member to enter the levels of the best "keeper" in football history in Vietnam. Statistics show Van Lam to playing his match with his right match against Malaysia three times. At the same time, many Vietnamese Vietnamese Vietnamese rescues lost the address or even hitting a ball twice over the road.

Vietnamese supporter Dinh Xuan Viet said: "Van Lam is the worst carer, even many of Haiphong's players say Van Lam is trying to break his ball. . The ball may have fly in the middle of a garden! It works hard to improve this. "

Minh Ngoc

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