Lamborghini Squadro The Corse SC18 of the Aventador gives


The famous supercar Aventador, Lamborghini, is a car that faster than most people can handle. But if your Lamborghini race division is named as Squadro Corse, the Aventador is similar to simple canvas. So, when Squadro Corse got a free hand for the first one to build, the SC18 was transported.

SC is surprising how to keep this road legal. This may be because this is a special commission from a buyer and, in fact, it is extremely depressing at that time. Because it looks very aggressive especially in the # 39; This combination of black and red red. With a SC focus on track performance, face-to-face, hooded bead, curve bend, wider skirts, larger side; scattered and sliced ​​wings on top of the upper-backed rubbish is designed to be accurately outlined by a & # 39; at the same time, identifying some of it to help cool and achieve.

The support was given from the knowledge of Lamborghini motors from Super Trofeo cars and the GT3s and with a lighter car, the 770pp from the V12 6.5-liter would make it even more faster. As a car is a one-time commission, we can never get the true figures. But this may be the fastest adventor Lamborghini yet.

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