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Although the US market fell last year, but in the morning the home market still has a " Keeping it special, although it is particularly flexible yet high. It is important that investors do not sell their invasion.

The sharp disaster of the session – the largest 1.26% in VN-Index and 1.37% in VN30-Index – appears only in a short time. From 10 p.m., the market was slowly restored although it was still lower than the rate of reference. VN-Index closed 0.57% light, decreased VN30-Index 0.58%.

A slight reduction in these signs can be considered as a success, although there are no attempts to shift the world of the world as clear to yesterday. On the other hand, the width was still too low: 84 stock left, decreased 163 stock, 1 stock closed. Extended VN30 7 code / 21 code, decrease 7 code with 1%.

The market is considered to be stable but blue locks are not as strong as the previous one. There are no monument groups, except for some hard people. This IDB is a 1.1% increase, HPG increases 0.27%, VRE expanded 0.16%. The other columns did not reduce much success.

VIC, VHM and TCB lived at the mention, although GAS 2.08% fell, SB fell 1.85%, VCB fell 0.74%, NVL fell 1.88%, increased BVH 1, 58%, VPB down 1.83%, PLX decreased by 1.03%, MSN decreased by 0.94%, CTG decreased by 0.86%.

It is not possible to expect the market to rise significantly in the morning because two days after each other have a major impact on deep markets in the world. Yesterday, investors were bought for purchase last year, the business was greatly reduced. The total equivalent value of 14% fell to VND1,467.2 billion. In particular, blueberries did not receive much money, 24% offspring increased compared to the same time. If intergorms such as VN30 are not trading properly, it is difficult to support the index.

However, with a huge outside pressure, investors also looked very calm. At the beginning of many huge stocks were sunk but there was little bit of money. The strength was not strong sales and the price of the price was huge when consumers stopped quickly. More than three-quarters of the rest of the morning session is also extremely bad. There were no major retailers, the market was very slow and lack of stock resources.

The HNX is also dragged on the side. HNX-Index was a 0.42% turnover with an increase of 41 sections / 70 codes decreased. HNX30 0.02% lost with 8 higher sections / 9 sections decreased. The banking and petroleum group had no impact on this floor: ACB fell 0.69%, SHB reference, PVS decreased by 1%. There were three other important VCG stocks up 1.09%, VCS up 2.72% and VGC up 0.64%. Indeed, the HNX also operated around a few stocks, such as 3 PVS, VCG and ACB, accounts for 57% of the total value of the floor.

The country's investors also sold bare salesmen and some bare salesmen. HSX sold 269 billion dollars, which bought 227.8 billion dollars. Sale VN30 121.6 billion, buy 114.4 billion. HNX 3.4 billion bought, selling 15.7 billion. The main purchase of foreigners still has a "#; focus on HPG but it's not as interesting as yesterday's morning and it did not attract much. VNM, SBT, GMD, IDB also bought a net. The sales of AAA, VIC, DXG, VCB, HSG networks were large.

Looking at the performance of the indicators, market to move well when they are going to go. early decline. However, the trade was not as clear as yesterday, so the evening will be successful or unsuccessful. Waiting for the increase in publicity. Some major posts such as VIC, TCB have "exploded" in the morning but the price was only green in a short time, especially because the power of buying was not enough.

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