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Original title: Lushan Marathon, the main company of Master Kong came into the city of the city

On November 25th, the Lushan Red International 201th Leth-marathon began in the People's Square. 8,000 runners-up from countries across the country gathered in a large home and ran the theme "Hearts and New Journeys". After a wild competition, the Chinese players Lin Xin and Zhao Na won the final games of men and women.

(map opening)


Your red, energy pasta will help the big day

The competition is divided into two groups: half marathon and mini-marathon. At 7 o'clock in the morning, nearly 10,000 players from the People's Square disappeared and spent the designated buildings; already owned by Mao Zedong and Mao Zedong Square, and eventually returned to the People Square. The winding paths are on the way to allow the players to enjoy Lushan's passion and enjoy them; enjoying sport.

(韶山 毛 主 集 铜像 广场)

The bronze image of Mao Zedong is at a level of 3.7 tons, 6 meters high, the base is 4.1 meters high, with a height of 10.1 meters, which represents 10.1 "National Day", and It seems that Mao Zedong is the founder of New China. The Lushan Red Half International Marathon, which is characterized by a "red business" chart, not only has a very good quality of a Chinese country, but also the service that matches the hours of departure. At 9 o'clock in the morning, the first batch of runners returned to the border, and the service department grew long-term and more lively.

(Following the race, reappointed to the public)

"Today, I'm going to take part in the marathon competition. I want to use its marathon use and never give a spirit to praise Given the beginners to be released. In the end, the difficulties were hard. I'll graze roots to maintain my physical health. In comparison, I can Let's now make a bottle of a fragile noodle brot after his game, he's so happy! "The reel ate the face and then divided it. He got to know how to complete his & # 39; game."It's a good choice in 1-2 hours after a lot of exercise. It's a good choice in Instod noodles. The noodles are very rich in carbohydrates, which helps its body get back and slow down. "

(Reailers will eat noodles after their game)


The players praised and the people were searching for the Kang Shifu notes and warmed the mountains.

"It's not just a red culture in Hummer today, but the service itself after I get warmer. You see its & # 39; this black-sided bowl in the hand, just getting it from a Kangshifu toilet restaurant. " A mother of treasure is a feed the baby to eat. I talked about it.

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