Large complaints on fuel prices in France said there was a fatal disaster


In combating high-quality fuel prices that France nowadays, a woman died, 47 people were injured, three of whom were worst. According to the Minister of Interior within Christophe Castaner, around 124,000 people collected around 2,000 state objections across the country.

> A number of incidents were made when drivers tried to go through their cars with their cars. To the north of Grenoble one finished unfortunately. The people who were disturbed by a car and hit it, and the driver dropped in an emergency and sent away one of the missions to death.

There was a similar disaster in Arras in the north of the country. The campaign partners were seriously injured and moved to hospital.

On Monday, Co-writer Le Monde said objections were expected at around 1500 sites. Today, it seems that even more, and among the collections, only 100 local authorities have been reported.

A further 3,000 security-makers were used throughout the country. 24 people kept a police

The campaigners gathered to build fuel prices. In the last 12 months, a diesel price has increased by 23% and now costs an average of 1.51 euros per liter, this is the highest price since the beginning of the 21st century. On the other hand, the French president Emmanuel Macron at the same time, focusing on environmentally friendly people who prevent their / president not to meet his promise of a greener planet.

As a result of rising fuel prices, residents of rural and rural towns in France were confused. Prime minister Edouard Philippe has prevented the reduction of tax tolls on diesel, as one of the largest pollutants in the atmosphere, but has committed to helping poorer families. So, the movement of the yellow jackle moved and blocked roads, crosses and tax stations.

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