Large disasters will shake the cosmos


Indeed, when a new machine capable of devising the heavens analysis was designed, scientists had to reconsider their understanding of the cosmos. In recent times scientists have inspired science in encouraging how to keep track of important wavelengths with the help of new technology that has a great deal. including laser and mirror.
The black holes in large corridors are so strong that they can even escape from it. When they are hitting, they will be & # 39; depress energy in a form called tangible tonnes. The disasters, which are completely unexpected to the naked eyes and that do not have a record on the electromagnetic spectrum, can only be detected by a & # 39; overseeing historical waves. Although Albert Einstein thought in 1916 that the waves were there, he gave him almost a hundred years to see scientists.

On September 14, 2015, the world glows. Well, it is more precisely to say that this is the date of the growing humanity aware of a cataclysmic event – which combines two awful black holes that have happened about 1.3 billion years ago – or, a & # 39; stealing a line from Star Wars, "long ago in a long, long galaxy."

As the impressive waves that were released during the black hole collapse of 1.3 billion years ago were swept over the solar system, the place was impossible to be made up and simplified.
Two L-shaped detectors in the Laser Intercomputer Gunner (LIGO) Wave Theater in Louisiana and Washington combined in the first ever impressive wavelength. As the wave passed, each arm of the L-shaped carpet, which is 2.5 meters long, extended and shortened nearly one thousand thousand proton diameters. To give a measure of scale, that is the same as measuring the distance from here to the next Alpha Centauri star system with a human bloodthorn measure.

Now, with the help of another Italian resource called Virgo, scientists investigate the general features of this black hole catastrophe and where they are; take place. There are impressive waves that travel at the speed of the light and so, long & And when they go through the Earth, there is a small delay between each tracker identifying the passage. This delay is used to help the location of the place in the sky where the accident occurred. The approach is similar to the way geologists use the earthquake at different seismographs to find an earthquake.

Dark stomach is on our way

With the LIGO and Virgo detectors, scientists can gain a better understanding of what happens when the organizations that are often expressed. The argument of neutron stars, which are starred stars is slightly smaller than black holes, canvas waves found on Earth too. And, indeed, a black hole could go with a neodron trail.

In a recently released paper, the wave scientists affected 11 of these disasters – four of them were not previously mentioned – since the detectors started to work in 2015. A & # 39; including winding time when the equipment did not work, one search every 15 days. In the most spectacular example, two big black holes were combined to create one that is about 80 hours of sunshine, making it the largest black hole that has ever been seen.

For divide again, the distribution expanded more energy than all the light that was released from each star in the entire cèilidh. This was a big thing. And everything happened in a galaxy based on 9 billion years away.

Before LIGO's first idea, scientists did not believe that the stars could make black holes with peaks larger than about 15 or 20 feet heavier than that; sun. So, with only 11 comments, scientists have already been asked to reconsider their existing theories.

Although a big black hole is named for good leadership, this document has a very interesting but notorious impact. One of the worries may be aware. But a number of events later, scientists can begin to draw conclusions.

By enhancing the recognized performance features of the flavor with the locations inspected and their level of detection, starters can start to say how often they will be & # 39 ; happening. Although scientists work with a small amount of specimens, they are now estimating that we; We expect to see one consolidation of a black hole each year in a space range between half billion and a billion billion years.
And the story is not ready. The browsers are currently online, and have platforms that allow them to be co-operators twice as far away from Earth. This will allow them to explore a measure of eight times larger than before. The wave radiation days are unlikely to be just when it is younger and there is undoubtedly a great surprise.
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