Large dissatisfaction with TEMP, sick people say they are entitled to benefits – Diseases


Non-suffering of mass among patients due to the new method of confirming the incapacity of work with TEMC commissions.

The main complaint is that, since the enumeration method introduced in August last year, many people with serious illness are still without monthly installments because they are not able to -home.

TEMK presented a boy with generous and unpleasant genetic diseases

For months Boyko Radvacky is tied to bed. The person has several serious illnesses. Until last year, he got BGN 219 a month ago and 74% needed to work. By the time the new rules came in, however, Boyko was very strong.

I receive a letter saying that 72% fell to 40%. And those 40% do not mean anything, I do not have any benefits. I need to get at least 50% for their retirement and the benefits I receive, said Boyko Radvacky, named by Nova TV.

The reason for the change is that the percentages of the different diseases are not repeated, but the percentage of worst disease is taken. The doctor from the TEMP committee in Blagoevgrad explains that it's just a Following his new management in the case of Boyko Radvacky.

I agree with the people, but we are not happy, since I have 7 questions answered – Give the above points, we have a duty to follow. The NEMK leader told me that there are 30,000 complaints, tell me that they will increasing, Dr Oleg Kasukheev, chairman of the Labor Medical Advisor Commission, said.

The National Social Security Institute stated that the new rule should reduce the number of cases where people with a large number of serious illnesses are interested and accrued; get help.

The old order was by a rule that enabled; allows many people with age changes to collect and raise their standards. getting invalid pensions and that's why the number of revenge in Bulgaria is so good, says Dr. Ognian Chervilov, member of the Medical Commission of the NSS South-

According to Dr. Oleg Kazukeev has beautiful TEMPs, but it is not at all, and it is essential to identify the specific names of the GPs and they are responsible for this.

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