Large houses in China have explored after the cleaning of rooms


Hidden camera videos of housekeeping staff who are seriously carrying at the top of Chinese beauty hotels are often on social media.

Seven of the hotels were filming in the town of Shanghai, where the local tourism authority investigates the issues raised in the & # 39; video, according to Global Times newspaper.

Since the video was posted to Twitter-like Weibo Wednesday, it has moved over 30 million scenes.

A Chinese whistle-shaped fan has created another storm online by posting a video that's a Proof to show staff in more than 100 high quality hotels after a healthcare protocol when they go; cleaning rooms, and using the sleeping cloths; cup and toilet attack. Self-employed investor, he said he had spent 2,000 nights at 147 provincial hotels or shops in the country over six years.

Eleventh of the 14 hotels that are involved are video-makers, and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism has protected orders about the clear breach of hygiene levels.

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There are high-quality hotels in China chains around the world Marriott, Hilton and Hyatt have set out apologies after a video by viral, shows misleading habits, including one cleaner who used the same sponge to sweep soft cups and toilets. At the Waldorf Astoria in Shanghai, at the same time, a housekeeper is shown to chop a zinc room, toilet seats and cups with the same sponge.

The Shangri-La Hotel in Fuzhou, a large city in the eastern China, where the glass was shown by using a hospitality acid to clean a room mirror and a glass of glass, said the video he was a breach of standards and excuse.

China is the fastest growing marketplace for global chains in the world as revenue rises to means that rural travel costs increase at double levels.

Wu Dong, the blogger who wrote the video and shared it, pronounced himself in an introduction as a person who could have lived in his name; Most hotels in China. The video is proofing to & # 39; shows a member of the staff who builds a plastic cup bump from a bin and is discharged on their T-shirt. Let the hotel suite prove in a statement posted to Weibo.

Online ideas, websites suggest that they have resigned their position; despite the often open problem. "But some people who do not have baseline", said another user of Weibo. "I'm so pleased that a 5,000-yuan hotel is just as dirty as 500-yuan no."

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