Large winds and winter storms are collided in parts of the west B.C.


Environment Canada's statement of public weather states that strong winds have a strong, Starting to move into many areas in the west of British Columbia.

The Canadian environment describes the warnings when there is a major danger to winds causing damage.

In Haida Gwaii, strong winds south east up to 80 kilometers per hour can be expected on Saturday afternoon, but they will be able to do so. Moving further afternoons from the Sabbath as a Pacific and Pacific Ocean system causes the bad weather to be seen; move on land.

Environment Canada has given a map with areas affected by bad weather in red. (Canadian Environment)

At the same time, as the system moves to the south east, there are winds that are; moving up to 100km per hour across the Middle East coastline in British Columbia – stretching from Bella Bella north to Alert Bay in the south. It is expected that these winds will be allows Sunday morning.

Vancouver Island and north Wales can also expect strong winds over Saturday night, with winds to reach a distance of 70 to 90km per hour. The winds should start to go down at noon on Sundays when the weather moves to the east.

Also, winter storms

People living close to the northwest boundary of B.C. with the Yukon to & # 39; expects dangerous winter conditions Saturday night. It is expected that between 15 and 25 cm of snow will be blown through strong winds – a & # 39; significantly relieve visibility on street roads.

The Canadian Environment encourages people in the South South Klondike areas and Haines Road to cancel unnecessary travel until things are improved.

It is expected that winter storms in the areas of South Klondike Road and Haines Road will be slightly less than a Sunday, but not until snowfall comes to five to 10 centimeters of snow.

Canada's Environment also notes that it can be seen rapidly to zero at heavy snow and snow times; blown.

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