Larissa Dos Santos Lima at 90 Day Fiancé says she is a Cat Digger


Excise meow?

90 days fiancé & # 39;s Larissa Dos Santos Lima Some questions on followers responded to Instagram on Friday and eliminated all types of facts. She received a number of questions, but one answer was to stand out.

"Are you a golden dancer?" One user asked. "Gold, no, but I'm catching a cat," she replied long. she was pressing her backs from her.

Cladair cat? Let Larissa explain. "I'm sorry about Maine Coon," she said. "They cost $ 3,000. So, I mean gold-shooting, or Cat, cat wear."

The idea of ​​"cat digger" is the showcase that comes just about a week after she was arrested for a domestic battery in County Chlinnear, Nevada. Larissa Partner Colt Johnson It is said to have been arrested in a series of notes now being deleted from his Instagram story. A fan commented a picture of the notes, which said, "Larissa was arrested today's evening. She suffers from discomfort and a number of seriously damaging. It has been inaccurate to problems that are not there."

At this time, Larissa changed the name of the Instagram account to @helpmeimwithoutphone. Read the messages from Colt's Instagram's story, "I started to take his phone to try to stop the situation. The big issues and these issues worse. She thought that this activity was a danger to her and tried to find out for help. After she had been put to grief, the police came and laid down the front door. They were my guns and they caught me. "

Follow the post, "The police interviewed us but not long before they decided to arrest Larissa. No one was injured and I did not put costs against my wife. But there is a policy in the state of Nevada, since we are in domestic partnership, someone was arrested. "

On Wednesday, she instigated Instagram herself standing on the front of a polished car car. "Throwback Madame Tussauds," she wrote.

Colt spoke on his relationship with Larissa in his own Q & A session on the social media platform. One user asked, "Do you lament to broadcast your life on the display? 90-day fiancé? "He replied," I'm not sorry. "

Someone asked, "What do you think it takes to link a relationship? Any advice?" Colt said, "When I learn the secret, I will tell you."

After being arrested, the 32-year address addressed the situation in advance. "Hi everyone. Thank you for support and love. I'm safe and relaxed," said Instagram on Monday. "It's the 48 hours that lasted the hardest part of life. But I read my messengers from all of you who smile me. God bless us and thank you. "

Later on Monday, Larissa made an arrest statement. She said to Instagram, "No one was scrapped or injured. I'm not really tough. I had a problem and a desire after the first time in prison. I went to the doctor and after get the best medicine, I'm good. "

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