Larissa Manoela surprised his picture to do: & # 39; I like it;


Larissa Manoela was surprised by a painting: "Like it & # 39; - Reproduction / Instagram

Larissa Manoela does not give her a good decoration and he is in a great deal to do it; Using a lot of visibility, mixed insects, beautiful eyes and everything that is right.

However, her and her actress and young singer have no difficulty going to; swept face and confirmed with her new selfy Instagram, which surprised the fans.

"A week begins with small dark circles, slightly eyes and light eyes. I enjoy it, face against it!" She wrote that she did not do anything against her to make a picture.

Lari Fras was praised by fans, who said she was handsome and with each other.

"Anyway at least," wrote a fan. "You do not even have to do it," said another. "Wonderful," said one third. "Those eyes …" said an internet user. "And the skin is so amazing. There's a very good nature," said another.

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