Larraín talks about her & her; leaving Chile from ISS


The Secretary of State said that "some agree, as a result of parent-parent decisions, not to be here."

Finance Minister, Felipe Larrane, commented on how a company of Denmark's ISS services was left out of the country and that it was hiring to around 15,000 workers in Chile.

"I think we'll see many other companies that are going to find out those who are going to go, because there are 40,000 companies in the world, Designing world and many others who come and think about the country, some are there the decisions of their parent's decision made to be here ", the Secretary of State said after taking part in the # 39; conference "Chile Solutions Solutions, Ideas for Development Life", organized by the IDB.

Nowadays the company's agents publish that they will come out of 13 markets considered unprofitable, including Chile.

In an interview with Financial Journal, Daniel C. Ryan, America's Chief Executive of ISS, said the process would not mean the closure of offices that work for 14 years, but that a sale process will start. In addition, he ensured that no breach would be created.

With an annual sale in Chile for around US $ 200 million and about 450 users with a presence in 19 cities between Arica and Punta Arenas. Indeed, Chile is the largest ISS work in Latin America, across Brazil, Argentina and Mexico.

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