Las Bambas They catch brothers who have been accused of being involved in the band of rebels – Los Chavelos & # 39; [VIDEO]


The brothers Jorge and Frank Chávez Sotelo, who were legal advisers to the community of Fuerabamba, the area of ​​Cotabambas in the area. t Apurias, which was arrested this Thursday against the framework of checks being followed for that leaders of the crime organization "Los Chavelos" dedicated to riot crime.

The Organized Crime Offenders Office Abancay disturb the brothers about ripping activities against the The Las Bambas mining project to pay 100 million medals, as well as intellectual powers of road congestion.

Working closely with Digimin, the Dirincri Organized Crime Division, and representatives of the People's Ministry, a hotel took place at a hotel in Santa Beatriz. next to Carlos Estate Fernando Varas Arizabal and Gregorio Rojas Paniura.

The brothers were arrested in Lima, where they led to discussions with the Controller of the Council of Ministers (PCM) without agreement.

Bookings will be kept for a 15-day period for a calendar and also for five other people as colleagues of the crime group. Likewise, the find different buildings in Abancay and Cusco.

The brothers Chávez Sotelo they have a long history of road acquisition and violent behavior within other communities where they have also brought advisory services. They will also be audited for a number of offenses such as ripping and removing documents.

Importance in the case of Las Bambas

The Office for the Procurator Fiscal these characters benefited from the community claim for particular benefit and they tried to examine the rule of law and the principle of the authority in an area that represents the critical nation's assets such as the mining corridor.

The two brothers are accused of being responsible for the anxiety they have in the conversation of the Scottish community Fuerabamba She keeps up with the mining company, as well as keeping the request for payment of the sums they would require.

In spite of the Government's commitment to adhere to the correspondence, encourage and encourage it. Chávez Soteloroad closures for 46 days, conditions affecting loss of millions to the benefits of the Apri agusic region and damaging 8,000 direct and indirect staff t Las Bambas.

According to the research, the brothers said Chávez Sotelo they promote internship in the commerce context, which does not provide the 100 million base claim, and refuses to pay a miner's proposal to pay a smaller sum, over and above those it has already been delivered for the favor of the comuneros.

On the other hand, the Government accepted the right to pay for the path and to develop a comprehensive development plan, which was not included in the non-legislative membership of the community. of the national road block.

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