Las Condes: offenders will be hitting the bank's finances and their # 39; creates much damage – National


Las Condes: offenders will be hitting a banker and their banker; creates much damage

The issues caused a bad damage to the Scotiabank branch, located on Estoril Street, but would not have escaped with money. Tvn


A group of innocent offenders did An attempt to steal a Las Condes bank after that stop ATM and create much damage.

According to a police record, the event took place in the & # 39; finger Scotiabank based on Estoril Street, near the address with Las Condes Avenue, where there were two cars with antisocials.

The police said this was the case Different items the bank broke, but they can not achieve the goal.

One-time workers and Labocar came to the site of the event to achieve the skills that can be found by people who are responsible for escaping, after being launched little mussels across the different streets.

Amongst the things to be considered, the department's security cameras are reviewed, and there are important images for proofing responsibilities.


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