Las Flores Tragedy: a bus went down and killed 5 passengers – 01/29/2019


Five passengers died and 29 were injured this Monday afternoon by removing a long distance bus; going to La Plata from Bahía Blanca. The accident crashed minutes after 17 at a kilometer 164 of route 3, at the town center of Las Flores at Buenos Aires.

As it passed, the intern 899 was patented by JSD 185, of the Jetmar company, from Bahía Blanca to La Plata when turned off rubber, lost control and turned on the shoulder, where water was gathered.

"After 17.30 yesterday we got a warning call, I was in the crash, when we arrived, the five deaths They were already dead under the son, under water"said Alejandro Mauricio, director of Zonal's Hospital of Las Flores, they were drowned.

Mauricio confirmed that the 29 were injured and leaving hospital 27, because "most problems were" suffering "as a clavicle break, clothing and ankle. However, a woman was injured to Cañuelas with a bad injury and others to La Plata for "her unintentional valuation" in a more complex center.

In the area, the previous day they recorded other problems. According to police sources, heavy traffic on that route was to significantly enhance the rescue activities.

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Among those who died a two-year-old boy died with his father.

The victims are dead Ignacio Agustín Raffaelli Córdoba, the two-year-old child; his father, Luis Agustín Raffaeli, of Berazategui, got his father in Azul; the driver Alejandro Retrivi, 28 years old; María Beatriz Zalayeta and Paula Noguez, mother and daughter, who went up in Benito Juárez.

"Tiz" Zelayeta – his nominees was named – the famous senior teacher in that city, was 72 years old. His daughter Paula worked as a radiator at Eva Perón Hospital.

"PCP education and community education team P. Osvaldo Catena makes their sadness for the death of Tiz Zelayeta, an unimportant teacher, companion and mother, an example of conveners and tutor, as well her daughter, Paula Noguez, for his family at this difficult time, "Maricel Angulo, director of the Benito Juárez 401 Trèanaidh Center Training Center, was posted on Facebook.

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As published, in the place, very close to the track to a known area called "La Rosa", five teams of Volunteer Fire Brigades were working, two helicopters for the movement of victims and 10 ambulances.

Also added to the respite work "ambulance from Navarra, who returned without patients after a scheduled tour and when he was passing, the driver, the doctor and their nurse decided to Volunteer cooperate with the actions that had started. "

At 21 Monday, two rings worked to move their sons and help work to remove their bodies.

Rocio Martinez Benz, from Olavarría, is among those who are still infected. He is still in Hector Cura Municipal Hospital for broken ankle.

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