Last accident: Oensingen SO accident has claimed two injuries


On the main road, Oensingen SO on Thursday, a road in Zurich an accident happened. Two were wounded.

On a Thursday evening, a driver in the Opel sailed on the fast track of the A1 road near Oensingen SO to the Zurich side. In the area of ​​the Oensingen entrance she had to brake suddenly because of the vehicles that were traveling. This later noticed an Audi driver who was too long: He collapsed into the back of the Opel.

The Opel driver was then thrown in the car in the middle of the middle. Even the Audi driver lost control, exceeded the usual measure and hit outside the sand strip in the games defense fence.

The Audi driver was injured through the sun. A traveler in the Opel was injured slightly.
The Audi driver was wounded slightly and the Opel passenger was slightly injured. As a result of hitting away at the back end, there were traffic jams. (Noo)

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