Last chance for compensation payments despite new issues – News –


For those who have suffered from narcolepsy as a result of the Pandemrix injection in 2009, the final opportunity for this year will be for claiming compensation, although patients are still receiving, writing SR Science Radio.

According to Ann-Marie Landtblom, professor of brain studies at Uppsala University, he is unable to get the correct patients first.

It is important to understand that the judgment will sometimes be very difficult. We have seen patients who have become ill after being immunized but who are diagnosed with another, which may not have been reached correctly. In recent years, I have had eight sick patients diagnosed in 2009-2010, but who have now been diagnosed and diagnosed correctly, she told Radio Science.

This could be about patients who have been identified by anemia or fatigue syndrome because the symptoms were not so obvious at first. Another problem, Ann-Marie Landtblom says that there are no conversations with narclepsy in all parts of care at all times.

It is not very rare with long delays in testing. So I think someone should think about extending this window for assessment, she tells science science.

Although it is difficult to go out about narcolepsy and perhaps take some time to get the proper care, there are no plans to complete the limit for compensation. T For ten years, ”said Anders Hultman, head of clan chief and former Head of Medicine Insurance for Science Radio.

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