The second payment payment of the payments that will benefit from the reimbursement of public debt will be finalized on November 30. The second installment must be paid until November 30 to prevent the implementation of public debt reorganization. The date for the restructuring of Law Àir was completed. 7143 on Restructuring of Fees and Other Effects on 27 August. To continue to benefit from the opportunities offered by the Law; Given, the first two installments must be paid within the required period of time. The second installments will be finalized on November 30.

Ilhan Karayılan, head of Ankara Tax Office, hesab said you can make payments on the internet. You can make your payments through the internet: ​​address, card debit / credit card, bank transfer from bank account and foreign country. We would like to advise our citizens to pay for the second installments to maintain the discounted capability provided by the law and to make the payments without leaving the day about end of the day. Ülk

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