Last Memory of Yacine Bammou to Emiliano Sala (VIDEO)


When Emiliano Sala was lost, Yacine Bammou praised his previous team.

Lion the Atlas was a close friend of the Argentinian player, who died after a disaster on 21 January. Both men spent four seasons at the Canaries, before Bammou came to the ground at Caen SM.

Recalling the police announced Thursday on Thursday that the Argentine football was Emiliano Sala, left the company to a & # 39; missing off the plane. After learning these news, Bammou wrote a few words on his Instagram account, a & # 39; a collection of photographs off with Sala.

"It is not possible for me to find the words for my pain, this brutal loss has made a huge impact on us. We are totally falling after a sudden breakdown of its & Creating unobtrusive respite, life is sometimes uneven and hard. I offer my whole support and love to his family and relatives. As hard as He was a very rare brother, so loved and unanimous in terms of his kindness and help, his intelligence, and his features of play, "he wrote.

And adding: "This vision makes me very sad because we were very close to us. I remember the wonderful and loved memories we have together in Nantes: I'll miss a team, but a brother above everyone. I will always remember her great heart, kindness and kindness. I wish every confidence from my heart to my family and loved ones to overcome this horrible case ".

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