Last summary: $ 5 of the dollar level of the graph that will stop the gold! A citizen will buy barley exchange


The dollar is cheap and cheap when you buy the expensive when you re & Strategy always crashes in & # 39; fee to appear in the dollar. After the exchange rate of 7.20, $ 8 billion of shares to sell the people who are effective in changing the way of the exchange they started to collecting dollars after 31 December.

Foreign exchange investments (DTH) of people declined to 91.6 billion dollars on 31 June. After that day, the citizens started to find the dollar cheaper, and made foreign investments and expanded the dollar's deposits with 6.1 billion dollars and reached 89.8 billion dollars.

Weekly weeks ago, citizen's domestic exchange investments rose from $ 500 million to $ 1.3 billion per month, including 5 October. The biggest increase was achieved as 1.3 billion dollars in the first week of September.


According to the figures announced by Central Bank, foreign exchange lenders were more aware of the euro's criminals and investments in the same period.

The company's foreign exchange investments amounted to $ 66.3 billion, while this amount was $ 67.7 billion on November 16. So it rises to $ 1.4 billion. By 31 August, the exchange rate of the companies reached a $ 70 billion exchange rate. In other words, companies with a $ 4 billion investment are broken down from the top, and there are 1.3 billion instead of that. This did not affect the exchange rate.

Taken from 2.80

In total, as the citizen is freely available, foreign exchange investments and citizen investments, which now have barley exchange investments, are expected to have started up $ 7.5 billion from 31 August to 16 November. The total number of DTH, which reached $ 157.5 billion, reached its highest level at $ 296.4 billion on April 29, 2016.

Foreign exchange investments reached a high level with 103.9 billion dollars on the same day. At this date, the dollar level came back to 2.80 points. On 31 August, the exchange rate, which was nearly 6.54, come down. According to the main points, citizens' foreign exchange investments are 14 billion dollars and 9 billion dollars are lower in total. Since then, foreign exchange investors have an additional $ 5.1 billion company.


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