LAST SUMMARY: Religious news from a college student who has been lost for 6 days


High Duman, a student at the University of Boğaziçi, was busled to Kilyos on 22 March after leaving university. After 6 days, no news is available for Duman.

AFAD and AKUT were also involved in the surveys. As a result of the referrals to the youth bathroom in Belgrad Wood, it was used to go into Istanbul. By using the card, the security cameras also have phones on this area in order to check that Smoke appears in the images.

In the evenings, in the evening, the young man's body found, Istanbulkart, found about 2 kilometers apart from the body.

According to the news; Habertürk 'ten Mustafa Şekeroğlu' according to the news; On the high level of body found on the original body examination, there was no sign of a puncture cutting machine.

An empty bottle was found near the body without any search for a gun or knife. The bottle was introduced for inspection.

Teams investigating Gendarmerie crime scene and the prosecution who are investigating the investigation are continuing.

It was suggested that the cause of the young person's death could be understood after the autopsy in the Forensic Medicine Institute.

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