Last week: Mr Trinh Van Quyet's day for "crazy game"


The fifth air officially has a Viper

Bamboo Airways aims to make its first aircraft on 29 December.

The Ministry of Transport has officially granted the Tre Viet Aviation Company Limited, which is owned by Bamboo Airways.

Earlier, at the Government's government meeting, the Prime Minister agreed on the policy and took his Ministry; Transport for the consideration, assessment and approval of the flight permit for Trinh Van Quyet air.

In an event later, TrinC Van Quyet's BLC Airways Chairman said Bamboo Airways would continue to host. plan off in the fourth quarter of this year and its # 39; planning to make his first visit on 29 December.

Previously, he made an agreement with Airbus to purchase the Dreamliner 20-bit differences of £ 5.6 billion. This contract took into account the international media.

Talk to her & # 39; Foreigner newspaper said: The cash spill is to buy a large number of aircraft when the first time you do not try to do is try out. Even with a & # 39; The sum of the money of all eggs was put into the same basket, which could be charged in debt.

The big man next to the senior committee

Several consultees and estates were moved to the State Capital Committee of the Business during the week.

A & # 39; the first Ministry of Industry and Commerce with 6 collections and occasional companies including Vietnam Petroleum Corporation (PVN), Vietnam Electricity Group (EVN), Vinacomin, Vietnam Petroleum Coal and Minerals Industries Company, Vietnam Tobacco Corporation ( Watered) State capital in these six companies is more than 555 trillion dong, about half of the state's capital held by the Super Commission in 19 corporations and corporations.

The name is dubbed Vietnam Post and Telecommunications (VNPT) and MobiFone. These two projects have total assets with more than 128 trillion dong, with a total capital of over 87,200 billion dong.

The Ministry of Finance also delivers officially the State Capital Investment Company (SCIC) to the senior committee.

The State Capital Administration Committee was established in February this year. At the end of September, the super commission has been officially operated, which governs 19 corridors and securities transferred from services.

Agribank bankruptcy

Agribank has confirmed that facts about bank failure failures and Agribank are still working.

Last week, he noted that staff had a " petitioning out of a bank in some cases; places because Agribank was a & # 39; fracture.

After this information, Agribank has confirmed that this tune is misleading and the danger is to be used by the bad people, who disturb consumers and society Agribank.

Storytelling began after knowing & # 39; Company Illusion Commission II (ALC II) (sub-group of Agribank) broken. However, after that, the Ho Chi Minh City State Bank said that there is an independent unit of Agribank in ALC II, so its & # 39; This case has worked on this bank. The authorities said that Agribank's business-based office is still operating, consumer investments are becoming increasingly.

The Vietnam State State (SBV) has suggested that Agribank's organizations and individuals should be careful of their brothers without a basis to prevent loss of loss.

There was a situation in increasing electricity prices

The sales position in 2019 was developed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade on a basis to ensure EVN is profitable.

At the meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue last week, the Business Secretary and Dang Hoang Trade said that there were financial costs for electricity production, including coal, oil, gas supply for power also to benefit limits … electricity prices are not altered, causing problems for the efficiency and operation of the current energy department business and 2019.

In addition, the De Nino event forecast in 2019 will express a thirst, and # 39; influencing water and water storage.

To ensure that EVN has a profit-making business and to increase its financial capability for investment in power generation, the Ministry of Business and Commerce (MoIT) has set its position to regulate sales prices in 2019.

The sales position in 2019 was developed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade on a basis to ensure EVN is profitable.

He formally accepted a historic agreement

Last week, the National Assembly adopted a resolution to permit its & # 39; Full Partnership for Transnational Partnership (CPTPP) and relevant documents.

100% of the National Assembly members present at the meeting to confirm the CPTPP, & # 39; Viet Nam is the seventh member who confirms his & her; consensus.

The former CPTPP, TPP, was created in the team to create the largest export department with the US partnership. But after the power change in the United States, President Donald Trump left the agreement. The departure left of the United States of 11 re-negotiated countries to present a new version of the agreed CPTPP agreement.

A total GDP of $ 10,000 billion, the 13% of global GDP in the 11 countries involved in the CPTPP.

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