Lastly, the silence that stopped the environment of Meghan Markle: we want to tell the truth, since truth is completely different


At least two years of tranquility, five women agree, one of the most important parts of the close environment of Meghan, to talk to People, as an old friend said and was a co-worker at her. The Duchess, she wants to "oppose the bullying in general that she needs to see and tell the truth about her.

"He sat calmly and suffered a lie and mischief," said former Ministerial Co-ordinator.

Meghan's first child and her husband, The Prince of Harry, will be in the spring. "We are worried that this is being spoiled and her child in the future. No one can be contaminated by a person – to leave a woman who is pregnant," said a friend of Meghan.

In open interviews, women ask them not to go to; announcing their names to share their relationships with friends – from Meghan's relationship with her father to a detailed analysis of her & her; wedding and daily life of Kensington House in Nottingham.

"We all visited their house. It was small and Meghan gave him enough. However, their understanding of their way of life and a different fact. Meg will prepare for himself and Harry every day," said close friend of Meghan.

Markle's friend from Los Angeles shares her memories to & # 39; lived in a twin booth: "We've been together for a few days recently. Her husband was out of town for work. Megan's room prepared me: candles were bed, slides and badrobe. At home we were just dirty – we could focus on each other. She made the most beautiful pieces, preparing tea every day. B & # 39 was wet in the field, which was scamble, so the dogs were dirty and they drove Meghan with farmers. Nothing has changed: she still loves her animals, her friends , caring for them and their rushes to nourish them. "

However, from her public relations with Harry in 2016, Meghan has been a careful study subject, and does not always keep the correct information about her.

One of the subjects inspected is often the relationship between Meghan and his father, Thomas Markle, and Samantha's sister.

"It seems they were all nearby, and then suddenly Meghan fought with his brother and sister. But, this is not true. They were not part of their life, "said an old friend of Meghan about Samantha and Megan's magic brother, Thomas, a younger teenager born in Meghan.

The only girlfriend told Meghan's father that he was unable to contact her daughter, "He knows how he will tell him. He never cited, he did not write anyway. This is very painful.

Friends with whom she is always able to communicate; expecting Mehgan's support: she is the perfect auditor who maintains a balance between passion for work and very good care for humans.

"When you can see it and contact the fans when talking to children and talk enthusiastically to the people, you can see the very foul. : build up with the children after visiting our guests. She plays with children and communicates with people as she always was, " explaining a co-worker who was an actress.

Even when all the eyes of the world were directed to Meghan during their wedding day last year, his closest friends say "they could feel the strength of Meg."

"She worked so calmly and firmly. She was like that – after that, she had a relationship with Harry," she says.

As a woman said, not just an unbeliever girl; in Meghan, both for important things and for its thank you message, and the best listener, but is also able to give good advice to those who trust. "If I get in an unpleasant problem or situation, I always think," Talk to Meg. "We talk daily. First, she asks me how well my children and my children are doing. I can not ask anything so she knows how I'm going, "said a co-worker.

The buddies decided to speak after the world was going to; talks about the amazing character of Markle. A completely different picture of the Duchess was drawn by the well-known TV exhibitors and the palace staff.

Journalist and TV representative Piers Morgan The Daily Mail talked about his association with Markle, and what did all this end. Let's write a letter from him to the reader, in which he tells the true Duchess of Sussex.

Meghan Markle was mistaken.

If you do not sometimes understand what it is & # 39; mean, I explain to you – just the person you have considered your friend, one day without any warning or explanation, to prevent any communication, he will get rid of life. Forever.

I remember that feeling well, since so far I had nothing like that.

All of these situations were completely incomplete.

Everything started in the beautiful 2015 autumn when I followed four sets in the social network of furniture on Twitter. One of them Meghan Markle.

Within a few minutes later I received a personalized message from her: "Hello, thank you for being a fan. I'm really supportive of you!"

He answered me, and we responded every day for the last few months.
We used everything – a & # 39; begins with a US Army military (simultaneous) military warranty and the charitable ride on behalf of the United Nations in Rwanda and finishing with spin, calligraphy, and agreed grain for 4 hours in morning: – Good Morning Britain.

He even sent me new press releases, so we made a detailed discussion of the story and spiritual details.

Meghan brought me into a team member of other seats, Rick Hoffman, who played Louis Litt. We also started to communicate with it regularly. I pointed out his relationship with Meghan as "brother and sister".

In February 2016, I invited Rick to London – he appeared in the Good Morning Britain exhibition. Indeed, no one knew what it was, we had fun to talk, and after the Meghan show I put pictures – she was very happy.

In June 2016, tell me: "I will be in London for a week – scheduled meetings, I'll look at Wimbledon. It would be fun to live.

I offered the best thing in Kensington – certainly because it is near where it is now living: Kensington Palace.

"Serena Uilleam is welcome to welcome. It seems you've really enjoyed here. I was lucky!" She wrote.

I often hear such a keyword, so I would not. hiding, they disturbed me
Then she appeared at our agreed place, and spent half a half hours. I put it in a taxi, and Meghan meats to dinner with friends at the beautiful London Mayfair club.

Meghan was expressly telling about his family – he said that there was really personal and sensitive things that I would never give because I will give him confidence. He is still about Donald Short (not just the one who supports him) and indeed the Suits series.

I have been trying to consult me ​​about the position and the media again, can I get in to Good Morning Britain. I promised to be able to help.
At Meghan's taxi, I wrote a number of me, giving thanks for the meeting and saying that he was not waiting until he was at home again and that he did not. we can meet again.

She liked publicly on Twitter as she was "having fun with a partner in London". That friend is me.

Then I started to believe (unfortunately, wrongly) that we were friends.

I'm wrong.

The same evening she met Prince Harry, the next day; first day, and I did not hear anything else.

There is no word.

Lost me

And not just it.

Rick Hoffman also lost me too.

I have never heard about it for a year and a half, and then it started to appear one day suddenly. Just after his royal marriage in May, in fact, he was present.

"Clumsy! Sorry for writing. Awareness: As soon as I've heard the news, I can not share more information about Meghan. Now, I can Tell you something interesting! It would be fun to meet at your chosen center. I will try for the knowledge. I love you, my friend.

I did not write because I did not understand it. RECOMMENDATION

There is no real friend for a year of her friends. leaving any room for violence, after all?

This is really something.

Indeed, the behavior of that couple is even very unhappy.

I have been attached to my branch with two second-level actors, who will benefit from my career.

Not only when the most important and influential person – in this case, Prince Harry – is thrown into the rubbish.

Now, from time to time, it seems that this project is even very fond of it.

Apart from that, who I was – was a diary editor – can I convince the famous claims?

On the other hand, this knowledge has created a tough and suspicious idea on Meghan Markle.

And her after-wedding behaviors with Prince Harry just strengthened her.

From the moment I read somewhere before she married her statement, "What Meghan wants, Meghan will get," my heart was go into the saliva.

I'm afraid that's just like it is.

Anyone who does not give her what she wants, or just to stop her career plans, will be brought into the country.

Her first husband? To become complex in the role of Jewelery.
A misleading family? You did not go to the wedding.

Her poor father? He was convicted and convicted so that he did not have to deal with the poor sore in the media.

Meghan left, without scruples, his real life – the Queen's glamorous world, Michele Obama and Clooney. The new world of Meghan sounds is just as much for her mother, Doria.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to remove old customs as easy. Black news about the medium and complex character of Meghans divided by palace sources is larger than enough.

He says that a thief was the queen's calling; call for weddings. Speaking of truth and a & # 39; Strengthening the disagreement with Kate Middleton – the second one, even due to the rough amount of Meghan carriage through Charlotte's little cotton.

It is said that Catr does not seem to have liked the royal behavior of royal servants.

Recently, Megan's personalized person, Melissa Toubati, has just taken off her work just half a year ago – and he did not scare Meghan's fear.

The royal treasures say that everyone has already been running and running. Focusing on things without something, for example, by emailing 5 hours a day by email. In addition, St. In George's Chapel, where his wedding was kept, they wanted airfighters "to kill them". There must be rarely, of course, no one

When the origins of Britain's royal palace begin to spread unpleasant rooms, unfortunately, I have to believe that a & # 39; Most of them – do not break their fingers. In addition, I say from personal experience – none of these are so surprising.

Nothing related to sexuality or racism, as some humorous reporters say.

I'm sure everything is easier: Megan Markle is just a lively professional athlete and is willing to pick up everything she builds.

She has been using others for more than 20 years, and when they reached a moment when she was in a while, they became necessary, they went out to say "Sudie, Losers".

I know that because I was from them.

The royal family is only to burn such a plan: if she finally wants to do it with me, she must resist a system that is just impossible to get over.

This would be reinforced, if possible, with a & # 39; Princess Diana and the Duke of York, Sarah.

For the first time in his life, Meghan Markle learned that he did not always get what he wanted.

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