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Fiji and Japan should be included in the World Cup Rugby Championship

Le Apenisa Waqairadovu

Wednesday 30/01/2019

Flying Fijians on Japan [Photo: Getty Images]

Fiji and Japan are the most winners of the most favored competition in the United Kingdom looking forward. Reporting that game makers have a & # 39; Meet in Los Angeles this week, with global conferences ahead of debates.

The proposed new competition for the 12 largest nations can be seen once again throughout the year, and Fiji and Japan will be able to play each other. Participating in the New Zealand Championships, Australia, South Africa and Argentina from the southern hemisphere.

The new league is likely to continue after receiving permission for today's progress in Los Angeles.

The highest crew from the southern hemisphere said that its " The best of the Six Nations teams, England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, France and Italy, at a neutral end of the year; Competition, with Camp Nou – even the famous home of Barcelona football & even as a final football.

The new competition would not have been held in World Cup years, although improved conversion could take place at the British and Irish Lions tour.

But his suggestion is in his / her; The biggest breaks for the fairies from the Six Nations.

The European Championship Championship winner, and the winner of the European Championship winner, would be weakened with the rest of the European country. take place in the year's competition. gone.

He continued in the Rugby Championships in August and September and would be the tallest series, with Japan and Fiji participating in the " competition.

The second division would feature six teams from the National Cup of Wales and an American Championship.

Logic recommends that the highest team in the second section would also Play against the highest level team from the highest level per annum.

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