Latest news about Yemen – a Hadramout health group continues to develop sensory awareness of diabetes


At World Tidy Day, the Hadramout Health Group, with the participation of the KAFA Health Forum and the National Association of Medical Students in Yemen, a series of community awareness initiatives on diabetes in Mukalla city.

Where the Children's Park was spotted at Makkah and the Children's Theater in Mecca Mall, a group of educational and educational aspects of diabetes, Dr. Fadwa Bajala, where she spoke about the disease's definition of illness, sugar in a simple way for the people present indicates the causes of this disease and how they will address problems and barriers.

The paragraphs were marked with an awareness of the public where Amal Baharmz's nurse's educational questions related to diabetes and his symptoms and ways of interfere with symbols and symbols of participants.

Dr. Marwan Abdul-Mana, representative of the Kafi Health Forum, contributed to the program of specific diabetes disorder activities program, and invited them to take part in the Walk for Walk (Together Walk for Prevention of Diabetes), which was Recorded for Thursday 22 February in Khor Al Mukalla. Diabetes.

It is worth saying that this event continues a series of events carried out by Hadramout Health Organization in conjunction with World Earth Day to raise awareness and awareness of the risk of the disease; in diabetes.

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