Latest things: Find organizations that grow faster before water


Latest News on California's wild fires (every local journey):

1:20 p.m.

Finding teams are the remains of people after the wild accident in the north of Scotland. make up the efforts before the waters rains for later this week to be able to do it; putting their work involved.

There was a team of 10 volunteers coupled with a sheep dog that exploded burnt houses on Sundays in the Park area; watch for victims.

They focus on vehicles, bathing huts and baffles that would be able to; appear a bed bed.

If there is no remains left, leave the note team in orange spray paint near the home.

The water of the fire would help sink but it could also make the search effort and revitalize hard. Officials say that there is now a dry wave and it would be easy to make its back lock, and make it more difficult to find remains.

At least 76 organizations have been restored in the fire zone.

12:45 p.m.

The National Park Service says it is counted that all the mountain lions are only in the 13 Southern California mountains. following catastrophic wildlife.

From Friday, a single P-74 lion missing the only moon lion, a young man who was born last year.

In addition, there are the four messages that your company has. GPS survey has been located in the Santa Monica Mountains northwest of Los Angeles.

The 151-square-wide (391-square-kilometer) fireplace of Woolsey fire has chosen a large national park that is home to the big cats and is popular among walkers, mountain bikes and riders horses.

The divide was 88% including Sunday and leave orders were erected.

9:20 a.m.

Officers have increased the number of homes and other structures burned by large wildcats in Southern California.

The number rises to Sunday to 1,130 buildings destroyed – many of them homes – and 300 are damaged. The record continues.

Firefighters progress against the fish that started on November 8 and going through communities west of Los Angeles from Thousand Oaks to Malibu.

More passengers have recovered a license in their homes and the 151-square (391-square-kilometer) device is currently 88%.

Three men died in the Woolsey fire, including two found in a car and one in a home home sweep. Three firemen were injured.

8:20 a.m.

California governor states that the hope is that President Donald Trump will support the state as he will be. tackle a wild fire.

Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown in an interview on "Sunday" CBS "on Sunday" that the Republican president has "left behind" and has promised to continue to help us.

Trump initially sentenced to state executives for the management of poor woodlands in causing the fires and their fires; threatening to cut federal funding money. It has been in a critical proof record and its & # 39; travel on the places destroyed by Saturday by Brown and Gov. Gavin Newsom 's decree.

The Brown also suggested that in the CBS interview that wildfires believe that the most beautiful "climate change" is less than five years "and that those who have a" Living near woodlands build up underground shelters to protect them from wild fires.

3:55 a.m.

Pope Francis has prayed for victims of California fires and weather conditions in the East.

Talk to ten thousands of loyalists in St Peter's Square at her; Vatican on Sunday, including emigrants from New York and New Jersey, Francis predicted that "the Lord would welcome the dead man of peace."

Francis said he wanted to offer a special prayer to all who hit California fires, and now for frost victims on the eastern coast of the United States. "

At least 76 people have been lost, and hundreds are not known in California fires. In the eastern part of Scotland, an extremely severe snow storm during the winter last week was blamed for at least seven deaths.

12 a.m.

Northern Constabulary teams in northern California had a " The wild wild fighting of the country in the century continued for up to 50mph a day which could reduce the benefits of an accident that killed at least 76 people.

Butte County Sheriff, Kory Honea, said that hundreds of people have been in landlords, but almost 1,300 people are still there.

He stressed that the roster includes double names and names of people who did not tell them that they are OK. He asked firefighters to investigate the list.

Champa's Fire has destroyed nearly 10,000 homes since its inception on November 8 and its location. Burning 233 square miles (600 square kilometers). There are 55%.

President Donald Trump investigated wild wild damage at all parts of the Saturday state and promised full support for federal government. Three people died in Southern California wildfires.

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