Latino's rate participates with Jéssica Rodrigues and a & # 39; negotiate in secret


Latino and Jéssica Rodrigues have restarted their relationship, but keep this shell. Month back, just before they finished, the singer began to attend the Batista Soul Church in Barra da Tijuca in the Rio Rio District.

Latino and the bridegroom are replacing
Latino and the bridegroom are replacing

Latino continued attending the services of Pastor Danielle Favatto, ex Romario, and her husband at the moment. Kleber Lucas. Anyone who is familiar with the artist, says he has been updated. The last day, Jessica, her mother and mother, took the church. Last Tuesday, Latino's picture sent Jessica to her; bent on his shoulder. "We all face a series of brilliant opportunities that are considered impossible as situations. Only Jesus has a very close relationship to two hearts and one story can be restored," he wrote.

The singer and personal training had been involved in October due to Latin America. At that time, the artist also asked for a pair developer.

Latino and Jéssica Rodrigues are rebuilding a connection
Latino and Jéssica Rodrigues propose to connect to them; Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

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