Latvala finds out how Tanak is doing. bend up


Latvala surprised the first time of the morning, SS19 Coramba, length & # 39; as he tried to cost Kiwi, a Hyundai driver, Hayden Paddon.

Latvala gave 13.9s out of Paddon in the first phase of the curve only, and appointed the lead on the next test.

Tanak was caught with a proper tension to block several teams.

However, he got deep into the path of a trail through the corner, and he had to go back to get out on the road. He lost his 12.6s in command and his & # 39; Latvala sailing at five seconds at the end of the morning.

<p class = "canvas-atom canvas-text Mb (1.0em) Mb (0) – sm Mt (0.8em) – sm" type = "text" content = "Latvala had been wants to stay behind Ott Tanak when the last ones were managing, because Winak needs to be & # 39; benefit to any hopes of the WRC title. "data-reactid =" 15 "> Latvala was told to stay behind Ott Tanak when the goal was to manage, as Tanak had to win hope any of the WRC title.

The Toyota team now has to decide whether Latvala and Tanak should be the afternoon then, to give Tanak the best opportunity for a title.

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Paddon was the fastest on SS20 Sapphire than i20 WRC, and traveled to Tanak at 14.6s at the end of the morning's activity.

<p class = "canvas-atom canvas-text Mb (1.0em) Mb (0) – sm Mt (0.8em) – sm" type = "text" content = "If Toyota wants its drivers to change, it must be be careful to have time, as Paddon is within a struggle.
Toyota manufactures manufacturers' centers and does not want to give any points to Hyundai and Paddon. "Data-reactid =" 20 "> If Toyota wants his drivers to change, he needs to be careful to have time, because Paddon is inside a stormy pace.
Toyota is managing the manufacturing bases and does not want to give any points to Hyundai and Paddon.

Citroen Mads Ostberg moved again clearly from Toyota Esapekka Lappi to Fray ahead of Fionn.

Citroen Ostberg 28s is behind Paddon, and clear Lappi 10.5s – the fastest time on SS21 to finish on the morning.

Sebastien Ogier is sitting in seven important places. How long will it be? stay there, no matter what Tanak does not have enough to steal the sixth world singer.

He got many of the difficult areas that others had taken and he was the sixth, seventh and seventh, the fastest in the world; lower than average over the three levels.

It is 21.6 ahead of Elfyn Evans and – to vital – 39.2s ahead of Thierry Neuville.

As long as Ogier's & # 39; staying in the sixth and ahead of Neuville, he will take the title.

Neuville was a difficult morning. At the first stage of it – SS19 Coramba – he took nine seconds out of Elfyn Evans ahead of him, dragged out to a bank.

But on the following test he lost around 10s when he ran widely and he had to go back.

The third Ford Sport Ford from Teemu Suninen dropped behind Neuville on Saturday afternoon, and is still built in the nineteenth century ahead of the second Citroen by Craig Breen.

Driver C3 WRC Breen's nightmaver, leaving the road three times was different.

After having a treeless tree tree on the final part of it, SS21 Wedding Bells, the car started off; making oil and trying to & # 39; car repaired on the road.

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