A few days before the "Acropolis" opened. How will it affect the retail center industry?

Shoppers and entertainment will be marking the following week, as other shopping parades will open in Riga – the new Akropole retail and leisure center, which at that time will be, Latvia's largest retail center.

A week before the company, under Lithuania's richest man Nerija Numavičs, started releasing the new retail and entertainment center, the workers are ready to complete their work. There is also a lot of satisfaction, within, a few of the 170's live here to establish the seat. Preparing for salt bread with rolling. As promised, the porcelain Kuznetsov factory chimneys will be worth more than 180 million euros.

“For one engineer to build a ice-house he is very successful, one wants to build a bridge, one shopping center or a cinema, we have been able to build lots of important things in 20 months, 'said Kaspars Beitiņš, head of construction. Akropole Riga.

Half a million bricks are now left from the factory date decorate the centre's walls, surrounded by a magnificent ice rink – everyone who likes it can skate. There will also be hockey and games coaching, and all will enjoy the restaurant.

The manager of Acropolis hopes that customers will enjoy and see a shopping center of 22,000 to 30,000 people each day, which is around three days of Positivus festival.

“Tenants were competing together to be their chosen building. Downstairs dining rooms are available as we want to attract the best restaurants, ”said Beitins.

Of the total 98,000 sq meters of shopping center, 60,000 food and leisure centers claim to be one of the largest shopping centers in Latvia.

“When we designed and designed a shopping center, we didn't think we had one square meter bigger than the others. No, it was not the end of it. It is just. We created a concept that it really enjoyed, ”said Akropole Riga's leader.

After publication on 4 April, Akropole is the largest Latvian retail and hospitality center in Latvia. However, it will be only a few months, as in mid-August this year, Linstow Center plans in Norway are aiming to find the 21,000 square meter growing trading park “Alpha”. Here the trade area is much larger – 71 000, and is the largest in Latvia. Such a book would not have been particularly desirable to have given someone.

A board member "Linstow Center Management", Maris Budļevskis, said: "The demand is now coming from the first stage, living, because nothing new has happened 10 years ago t Riga Plaza was opened, so tenants need more new ideas, so they can be considered the latest move, and tenants want these giant shapes to let them know. competition with the internet and as such the offer is full and equal to the internet offer. ”

The number of shops in an "Alpha" is double – up to 250, there will be more restaurants. The producer of Linstow believes that the move is possible to supermarkets, the Acropolis and the extended Alf, a very impressive – up to € 150 million a year.

“In my opinion, we were all expecting it for a long time, so we all got it at the same time, perhaps that none of us had designed it. You asked or you're not planning, you can't design large projects, ”said Budevsky.

There might not have been a place for a new shopping center in Riga, as it was already reached by 10, and Spice can be purchased in large areas, which has been a problem of two shopping centers. T – where one area has reached 44,000, its side – 22,000 by its side, it is even higher than the size of the Acropolis. But, there was one reason why – the current proposal, is too small – enough parkland, especially on the weekend. In addition, the opening of the new shop also has an impact on other purchasing centers, the expert says.

At this time the new trends are not just larger resource areas – it is a hugely important recreation. In this respect, it was almost expected an explosionlike other shopping centers – Spice, Domina Shopping, Riga Plaza, and Origo – not expect to stand on the spot. But those who make nothing will make it harder for their dad, but don't think of the expert.

Vineta Vigupe

State State Secretary of State Department of Real Estate

Those shopping centers that are currently under-developed, or not likely to develop, are more likely to survive but there is a drop in customer flows. If we look into the future to reach so long, these classic purchasing centers will simply disappear. Instead, there will be multi-functional centers where the borders between hospitality, employment, education, communications and relaxation will grow gradually.

At present, some of the older shopping centers, Galeriju Centers, and Molas expect small changes in content that will sit alongside the new Akropole. She has no worries about how “Mola” still lives – for a time it has been a relatively small shopping center that is of local importance.

“The all benefits of Molam – efficient driving and relatively small size, allowing you to buy quickly and easily. He likes his favorite. Mols lives his life and thinks he is going to be so good before, ”said Linstow board member board.

But was Riga ready for another “Acropolis” or “Alfa” as a shopping center? Experts' views are different. A real estate company, Arco Real Estate, believes that a healthy, best return will be achieved in line with current economic forecasting.

Guntis Kanebergs, Head of Commerce's “Arco Real Estate”, says: “It is likely that the fee for comfort has reached the market for developers. There is a demand for users, so tenants have the opportunity to raise the money they pay to the developer. ”

Meanwhile, Acropolis has found out that there would be room for a few other players. This is also shown by data from the German research company, the court for 2017. Then Latvia had less than 1.05 square meters of retail space, less than in Estonia and Lithuania, without mentioning. T on Belgium and Austria.

Currently, Akropole doesn't design a different shopping center. Linstow's expert is also not predicting that new major projects will come to fruition in the future. "In six, seven years, I don't expect things like this at Riga," said Budevsky.

The Real State State Expert also believes that the “Akropolis” or “Alfas” center is no longer in place, with the current demographic movements. Medium-sized statistics show that the number of people has fallen by an average of 33 people a day, or month, in the number of staff in supermarkets.

Vineta Vigupe

State State Secretary of State Department of Real Estate

This means that existing client streams will be re-distributed, that competition between shops and shopping centers will increase.

But will the existing and existing retail stores manage to pull more money back from the existing purse? The Latvian Bank's expert warns that opening up new sources won't promise to grow faster in use so the sales department in Latvia. This is reflected in last year's year's data – the number of retail outlets rose, by wages up by almost 10%, and the increase in purchasing power increased by 10%. being one of the earliest methods of the last three years. However, sales sold 4%, even to less than 4.2% a year ago.

Daina Paula

Latvian macroeconomic expert bank

There were also many centenary events which brought many overseas guests together, which held more ambitious festivals than the norm. We could expect trade to have grown faster than in the previous year, but it was not.

The expert concludes that the increase in spending on goods and services does not yet show the increase in buying power, given the population's caution and cash availability. when he saved his life. Here too, the new resources package may include its responsibility.

“If a customer has visited another shopping center so far and the brand that has enjoyed it is available in the new one, he will choose the new one, and the total amount will not grow. T , "says Paula.

Also, following the issue of the Latvian Bank expert, offering the name “Acropolis” doesn't give you an extra big competition. Too few new shops mean that prices are not getting down, and the economy is not growing and this is increasing pay. True, there can be a positive circle here: more buying power can help other types to enter in the future.

“The impact of Scotland's purchasing power is vital. As public purchasing power grows, we can expect the two other tiers to enter the market, as well as increase consumption, and therefore increase the average price of male combinations. , ”said Paula.

And, theoretically, those who live near new shopping centers could be better – the estate expert believes there is housing close to Akropol on property prices.

Guntis Kanebergs

Head of Commercial Sector Arco Estate

It will not likely be, 20% to 30%, but up to 10% I think. It really plays a positive impact on his behavior.

The cinema industry is taking a positive look at the opening of multi-functional shopping centers, which also offer cinema spaces. The "Acropolis" will open a new "Apollo" cinema with nine screens, the increase in the number of cinema screens will contribute to the development of a Latvian cinema industry.

“The total number of screens in the Latvian film industry and the film industry is a very important mark,” said Kristine Matisa, a spokesperson for the National Film Center.

Last year, 66 had Latvia's screen numbers, which is nearly 40% less than in Estonia and one fifth less than in Lithuania. Latvia has been the last of these indicators for years. It has a direct impact and audience numbers.

Average ticket prices in the Baltic States are very similar, but local people in Estonia and Lithuania watch more people, although the cinema may not be better than those made in Latvia. Last year, in Lithuania, the 146,000 edition of the "Classroom Meeting" was watched by Lithuania and the local film was viewed close to 241,000, while Latvia was the 94,000 hit cinema, and second was the film t the film local cinema Homo Novus, which 91,500 saw. the greater the number of screens and the observations, the more visitors the number of films is shown – most of the films shot by Citadele – nearly 25,000. The more films you watch, the more your income will be for filmmakers who are usually half the price of the ticket. But that's not all.

“The increase in the number of cinema screens on business funding has no direct financial impact as, as expected, ticket holders go back to the cinema as a very small part of the overall budget for the t film. Importantly, the number of these screens is just a number of movement and life around the cinema, which is very much a use that people should not leave. If there are more screens, the film can leave longer, the next page leaves, ”said Matthew.

The opening of the Latvian acropolis, Latvia, the largest number of screens is still going down behind the neighboring nations, and Domina Shopping, who also plans to create a cinema with at least four screens, will not be available. just closer.

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