Airbags & Takata & # 39; to restore 1.7 million cars in the United States

In total, seven US car companies have around 1,7 million cars of hidden airborne by a Takata Japanese company, according to the US Road Safety Authority (NHTSA).

The news published by NHTSA Friday is part of the biggest hearing in the history of the United States. This year, some ten million shipment will be recycled, but by the end of next year, when this work is completed, up to 70 million devices will be completely withdrawn.

This most recent recall covers 826,144 144 Subaru cars, 288,770 Mercedes-Benz, 119,394 Volkswagen and 266,044 BMW cars.

Compared to that, Daimler Vans removes 159 689 cars, Tesla removed 68 763, and Ferrari withdrawn from 11 176 cars.

NHTSA recognizes that US car makers returned after 50.36 million repellents by December and instead of 27.2 million. This means that more than 23 million equipment has not yet been introduced.

Behavior Takata from 2013 is an international advanced film that includes empty bag printing, which can cause too much electricity, and its output. removing deadly rubbish.

Almost all major car manufacturers in the world have to pull cars back to cover hidden airports, which means that more than 20 are killed and Nearly 300 wounds in the world.

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