Also in the capital cities of this week, fuel prices change – Business – News

The most expensive gasoline was sold today in Tallinn, and Riga thereafter, but Vilnius had its lowest price. There was also a tallest diesel price in Tallinn, but her & her; lowest price in Vilnius.

For a fifty-second week in Riga, fuel prices at "Circle K" have been stable at this Friday, as a liter of 95-liter gasoline, 1.194 diesel fuel per liter.

However, in Vilnius, however, the 95th gas rate at Disability K at petrol stations has fallen by 2.8% and was 1.05 per floor, and diesel fuel prices fell 1.4% to 1.049 EUR per liter.

At the same time, the gasoline 95 price in Tallinn has risen 0.8% to EUR 1,299 per liter, and diesel fuel prices have increased by 1.5% and was 1,339 EUR per liter.

There is no gas price in the three main cities of the Baltic States changing this week. In Riga, it still costs EUR 0.605, in Tallinn – EUR 0.629, and Vilnius – EUR 0.493 per liter.

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