"Auto 2019" will unveil the new Toyota Camry.

One of Latvia's leading mobile companies – WESS Auto Group – will deliver the long-awaited Toyota Camry by Auto Auto9 Auto Show, as well as delivering the latest car models from Japanese car shops. which are represented by WESS Auto Group – Toyota, Lexus and Honda.

Toyota Camry will return to the European market after 14 years of absence. The new Toyota Camry will involve fine design and excellent comfort with high efficiency with thanks to the latest generation of self-generational driving which combines energy efficiency, low emissions and quiet and more energy-intensive activity. T and more response. New Toyota Camry is also available as a self-hybrid hybrid car, becoming the eighth option in the range of hybrid models available in Europe in Europe.

Toyota Camry's latest generation is using Toyota's design and technology philosophy on global architecture (TNGA). The idea for NGS is to give priority to driving wellbeing and an attractive style of car enthusiasts, as well as the quality of good collections, highly effective collection and easy-to-use innovative technologies. to use.

The pioneering Toyota Camry is the award-winning eight-generation model since its inception in 1982. In more than 100 countries around the world, the total number of sales is over 19 million copy of Toyota Camry. With over 700,000 annual sales, and Toyota Camry the sedan D / E of the biggest selling segment.

Moto Toyota showroom The Toyota Camry will be available from the end of April this year.

WESS Auto Showroom WESS Motors Toyota will give you the chance to see the latest Toyota models – bringing back stories – Toyota Camry, the world's new Toyota RAV4 car, the three-car Toyota. Latvia's favorite vehicles are Corolla Corolla Sedan, Corolla Hatchback and Corolla Touring Sport, as well as Toyota CH-R and Toyota Land Cruiser and Toyota Hilux.

Lexus Riga Airport will also be providing the latest Lexus car engines – the Lexus UX transit, the Lexus EU 7-generational business geese, and Lexus NX and Lexus RX, the most popular Lexus cars. T Latvia, and the fun sports Lexus LC.

Since 2018, the official Honda representative in Latvia has been WESS Auto Group, which offers Honda and Honda Power cars at WESS Select. The productions are a feature of Honda CR-V, the new generation of Honda HR-V Transcription, the sporty Honda Type R, the popular Honda Civic 4d and Honda Civic 5d as well as the big. a new Honda Jazz generation.

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