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The S10 + Galaxy is considered to be the most powerful of Samsung's new smartphones as it has its largest memory in the history of mobile phones – 1TB or 1024GB.

"Today, the level of data stored on smartphones is increasing, so it's not just the performance, but also the memory that is on "Although the current Galaxy S10 + users prefer with 128GB memory capacity, BITĖ has also saved several tools of this model with 1TB of based memory," said Roberts Birnbaum, Head of BITES Logistics and Devices.

It should be stressed that Galaxy S10 + has the option to add an additional memory card up to 512GB, which makes this device as a complete leader. market in terms of storage capacity and greatly change how you use your smartphone. But is the world ready for smartphone with so much memory?

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It is estimated that 1TB card is capable of recording about 1 million digital images of general definition or 340 HD art films. For comparison, the world's first smartphone "IBM Simon Personal Communicator", introduced in 1994, has an interesting memory of 1 million times more smaller – 1MB. It's 128MB at & # 39; The first resource was introduced to Samsung smartphones, and Apple's smartphone section was launched with 4GB fascinating engines.

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"If you have 1MB enough to save one common size picture and save a number of text messaging to your device, you can do a bit with 128MB. However, it is not enough for the average number of current users. How technology develops, our mobile uses are changing. For example, smartphones have been replaced by a smartphone. Its & # 39 ; download video content – films, music clips, reports, etc. On the other hand, telephone conversations and text messaging will be replaced with audio, video and video recordings, "and explains R. Birnbaums.

To enable users to & # 39; audio files, high quality image and video files with their smartphones, the features of devices, such as camera quality, are being developed. This will increase the weight of these files by & # 39; recalls smartphone. So, vigorous memory of smartphones is constantly increasing. At this time, the most common machines on the market are their memory capabilities; in 64GB and 128GB.

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The latest models from some manufacturers, such as Apple and Huawei, are also available with 256GB and 512GB of based memory. So far, they are also the "top" of the memory made on Samsung smartphones. However, with the Galaxy S10 +, this maker has started a new digital era that can significantly affect the use of smartphones. That is, with the enhancement of external memory, these tools may be the key data bearers and the main seal for enjoyment of digital content, and # 39; take over computer and TV activities.

"Although there are 64GB engraving of engines among the most required smartphones in BITE, we are aware that our customers are buying external cards from outside for the tools, and their suggestion that they are not enough for their daily data. That's why Samsung's decision is to make smartphones with 1TB of memory that is included ok enough. I am sure that active users, such as businessmen and passengers, who store many of the data on the so-called scam servants, will be worthwhile The opportunities offered by memory that have been introduced to the Galaxy S10 +, while other industries follow Samsung's example. R.Birnbaums.

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It also provides an interesting fact about external cards. Indeed, their ability, such as memory capability made up of smartphones, has changed dramatically over the years. Their prices have also changed. For example, if you have a micro SDHC memory card with a 128MB capacity in 2003 about 50 EUR in total, today you can buy an external memory card with a capacity of 256GB or smartphone with an interesting 8GB memory.

A company representative also has a & # 39; adding that Galaxy S10 + Galaxy S10 + Galaxy S10 + Galaxy S10 + Galaxy S10 + Galaxy S10 + Galaxy S10 + Galaxy S10 + Galaxy S10 + Galaxy S10 + Galaxy S10 + Galaxy S10. This satellite phone is also marked by a high-quality three-lensed camera, AMOLED high screen at 6.4-inch endless, a powerful Exynos 9820 process, and a sensory tax feature and an ultrasonic lens reader. These features are also included in the Galaxy S10.

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