BMW Group provides new car BMW X5 and BMW 3 to Sixt

On 29 March BMW, Inchcape Motors, a group of rental companies including Sixt, delivered new and powerful BMW vehicles, adding to the Sixt car range with new BMW 3 Series models and driving all new BMW X5 drivers. -layers.

“This is a unique collaboration with the Sixt car company, because for the first time in the Baltics, new BMW 3 cars are offered on hire, which are officially available The Latvian market from March this year and that X5 models are not officially presented in Latvia but in 2018. In November, Kristine Nesaule, Head of Inchcape Motors Group Latvia BMW.

The partnership between Sixt and BMW is recognized throughout the world. Collaborations began in Bavaria decades ago, Germany, which is also home to both companies. Now the world has developed throughout the world, including Latvia. The two companies are merged with world-leading innovations, service that affects the most difficult customers, and even in the best of information, ”said Linda t Jaurzems Arnis, Chief Executive Sixt in the Baltic States.

Sixt Latvia started work in 2010 and is the major provider of mobile services in Europe and Latvia, offering a wide range of BMW cars. It is the first Baltics car rental company to hire BMW 3 and X5 models.

BMW Inchcape Motors in Latvia, in collaboration with the Sixt car company, offers a tailored discount program for service users – a steady constant price and free delivery for the user at the t the time they want.

Recently, Sixt introduced a new mobile device that allows you to rent, share and use the driver's service in over 250 towns around the world. In Riga, a driver can hire and rent BMW cars, but sharing services will soon be available to make more movement.

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