Cannes Film Festival will be opened by Jarmo / Article / LSM.LV

The Cannes Film Festival will be opened with a film made this year by independent American film director Jim Jarsh. The first exhibition of the comedy "The Dead Don & 39" was organized in 14th May.

The festival's organizers say there are many well-known actors including Bill Mare, Adam Drive, Selena Gomes, Igie Pops, and Tilde Swinton, taking part in the film. The tape is the biggest zombie film ever.

Cinema experts also say that Jarsman has already collaborated with Drivers on Patersons and with Igie Pop on Gimme Danger, which helps to ensure the successful new tap.

An independent director in Cannes did well. In 1984, he was awarded "Camera d 'Or" for the absurd comedy "Stranger Than Paradise".

Event organizers will announce that this year's jury will be led by the mexican director of the Oscars, Alexander Gonsalja Injarit, but will be written in full on 18 April.

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