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Comparison with headphones to & # 39; Bhaltaic, the most accessible in Riga, is the owner of BNN

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The total number of mobile sales in Riga last year has been at the same level as 2017, however, the number of negotiation items has reduced by 8%, which can be defined by referee promoters prices, and evaluate the furniture movements of the furniture in Riga, and find a real estate consulting company. Coliers Latvia staff.

At the same time, it has been noted that more activity last year has been seen in the linear housing market, but a new market market is still active.

Approximately 80% of aggregate items are € 75,000, which show important activities in the # 39; a simplified housing market. But 15% of land with a trading value exceeds 75,000 euros without residents who do not live, according to data; company.

«Based on 2018 data, it was decided that the Riga market room is still active and this trend continued in 2019. There are several reasons for this: the increase in the population's salary, which is a & Developing the future buy and optimistic power, wide provision of new market rooms, especially in the # 39; economic class and favorable bank loans for mortgage, including state aid program High warranty, »opinions Distribution partner Eric Bergman.

He says that Riga is the foremost owner's estate, compared to major cities, and so new developers are expected to be in the Riga market.

According to the data, about 20% of the total number of settlement transactions in Riga has been with established rooms in new or up-to-date buildings. In total, these items account for approximately 40% of the total value of the transaction, and # 39; including those built or a capital renewed after 2000, including a & # 39; first and high market.

The company also states that the number of business with railings in new projects decreased slightly (-6%), which could be defined by the limited contribution of the company; currently in this section and a number of major projects commissioned at the end of the year and the comparative retail transactions. In the Land Register only in 2019.

The study also decides that the average sales price for hotels in new projects last year has increased by 6% (except for a warehouse and parking costs) and is To reach 106,000 euros, with an average price per square meter of 1,700 euros. However, despite the rise in average prices, the market for new rooms is still active.

"At present, there are a large number of projects with a total number of rooms designed – approximately 2,000 at the total construction or reconstruction level. Currently, 35% of the flats are currently booked with built, " Coliers Latvia representatives.

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