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CULTAR: Walter Puce. Hero Cello Hero Virtooso – Music

At one time, celos were considered as instruments common in scholarly music, but for some time this legend is dead. On Friday, 12 April, we'll be able to check for it at the Dagamba concert in the Riga Arena.

On the Tchaikovsky agenda

The Dagamba Club don't want to hear – he has been in the Latvian music world for eight years, supervised by the powerful musician Valter Puce. Once he played in the Melo-M band, he decided to make the process even more proving (and also more dangerous). He was accompanied by a friend of her childhood, a cellist in the Ukraine Anton Trocuk, and pianist Laois Tis, who was also a drummer Arthur Jermaks, an Italian hero, but Iran Hamidreza Rahbaralam. Dagamba's classical shapes are arranged in their own versions and are known as hooligans classical music, but not only in their program before they have studied classical music with the German industrialization of Rammstein. This time, the program Dagamba feat Tchaikovsky, which means that Peter Tchaikovsky, a Russian musician, has fallen into the hands of Walter Puce Brigade. The new program is based on the idea of ​​creating extraordinary collaborations between different musicians, highlighting something remarkable, amazing and infertile. Not only will this concert program be created by the work of Peter Tchaikovsky – they connect with the band's original music, break the classical standards and discover we can't do it, t »This concert will spread. References to Ballet Swan Lake and Nutcracker, No.1 Piano Concerto, and other famous works by Peter Tchaikovsky in performance of Dagamba are unlikely to be impossible for men who have previously played in the Rammstein repertoire.

From one ditch to the other? "See this from a prostitute," said Walter Puce. «So we started producing classical musicians' compositions, and then we sorted that out [Antonio] Vivaldi was the first rocker – not just in words, but also in work, so we created the concert at Four Seasons in the Hand of Man. Oh, no, we beat Bach To Iran before we were near an unknown group – when Hamidreza Rahbaral was at the same time! There was always such a risk. Also last year, when we caught all our genres of time, Ludwig van Beethoven and the Rammstein group, united them in one program. This time we were asking who he is going to know, as we knew this time for the concert to be held in the Riga Arena – we went to a concert of this book. There were different theories, including those who would not tell the wider audience, as a focus on the five magicians called [Modests] Musorgsky, Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, Alexander Borodin and others. But putting such a program out of a wider audience with less well-known musicians in the field… We were not sure about that. That's why we chose Peter Tchaikovsky, who is interesting in any way, and is the world's six tallest writers, who have also lived nearby, so the tunes are. many are more likely to be. And for me too, this musician looks very close. And it's not at this time, it's not a high birthday, but it is said that Hollywood has just sent out the Walt Disney cartoon with Nutcracker and also started on its beginnings. playing different pieces of music with Tchaikovsky's music. The situation with Vivaldi was the same for us then – for a while the ideas flow into the air. One name could be named after an intuition. I know that many artists plan their creative lives for four or five years, but it is not like me because I cannot predict what will happen after that. That's why we prefer to live with the idea of ​​turning to a project like that at the moment, and then look at what is going to happen again. Let's make money today. »

In the wider waters

Dagamba has certainly the capacity to bring in audiences in receptions, but this time they have gone far beyond shooting places – a venue for the concert hall has been replaced t Traditional palladium. «Yes, we have not had a one-person band in the Riga Arena, and of course there is a previous importance. But who isn't upset – he doesn't play in the field! »Valter Laughs. «I always go to my beloved groups who play in the field, so we have been playing something that is highest in Latvia. [no koncertēšanas viedokļa] available. But of course, there are no conversations about the range, but the opportunities it gives, perhaps it can be done here. It is quite different from trying to make similar shows or offers elsewhere. At the Palladium Concert Hall we had some very good receptions with some good things like confetti and effective lighting, but here we can provide screens, video previews and a vision, and the rate will be built effectively. And sound! We can put the barriers we want to find and the sound we want. Once available, there are hardware such as Metallica. Indeed, the advantages of outdoor music are also great, but the problem is some of the weather. And this time we wanted a live show: for the last three years we had Palladium concerts, but this time we wanted people to sit and listen. [Dagamba] music. But if they want it, they will be able to rise! Our music is dynamic: you want to sit and listen, but when you want to get up. But if I personally attend a concert, I would still like to sit down. Well, maybe I'm old! ”Laughs Valter. "But in the future we have another plan for a big big show and if there's water, there is a big charm at such a concert. Would you like to sit down if you rain on your head? ?

From Surgut to Australia

The concerts by the Dagamba band are so wide-ranging (at least by looking at social networking records) that it's not even clear how they can get everything.

«Well, life is short! I'm 33 years old, I can say! ”Laughs Valter. The Russian leadership has been more active so far, but Dagamba looks after the West. "To some extent we have achieved our plan – we have played in good halls, in front of a large audience." Not Russia, however, is the only place for Latvian game groups. At this time he has an interest in representing from the Netherlands – he is particularly keen on concerts in the Riga Arena to organize ten concerts in Northern Europe. We also plan Poland after the arena concert, then Turkey, next year too. Also the Baltic States, and Ukraine! It's all in the plans ahead, a calendar is downloaded all summer, then up to Christmas and possibly even longer. Of course [koncertu plānos] Russia too, but we are now looking at different directions. The request is, it would not be easy to use, »the musician says firmly.

He is also a family family who cannot travel all over the world – his daughter Paul has lived four years ago. «I have taken action from every place where I went from, to bring some soft objects to this place. Well, it's so important it is time to buy a new place, ”laughter Valter. «For example, from Australia, the bear koalas, Russia – Cheburish or a mattress. Yes, I can do a geographic map of Dagamba with my daughter's playroom! »In Russia alone, concerts are held around 25 cities, from St Petersburg to Krasnoyarsk and Surgut. Climbing twice on the famous show at the Glastonbury Festival, which flew out in Australia, and soon China will be designing (October). South America is now a white place. «Because it is very expensive. The people who like to see it also contain those there. But we think it needs to buy tickets as a unique traveler: we are five, then, more, then a lighter, tone, manager. Ten tickets. The cello sits next to my binding. When we traveled to Australia, we got out the cellar on the place because tickets were costing on the ticket. Interestingly, the ticket doesn't give any discount, but the food isn't worth! I never knew him! I say – the cello sits next to him, he wants to eat? No, not the cello! But it's tasty food and I like eating in my place – I've paid! »Walter Walter will be. The concerts plan include America, and the girl does not eat anything faster as a gift. «Yes, or hotdogs!»

But then the whole world is open! «Let us know? We have no language barrier! In this sense we can drive anywhere! Classical tunes are also present in all languages, and our main job is not to lose the observer. What is not so easy to do, among other things. The key is to organize [šīs melodijas] they would like to be heard. It will be an adventure. Come to your own concert, »said Walter Puce. Is it simple? Try it!


Walter Puce

• He was born 24 June 1986;

• Education: graduated from Emils Darzins High School of Music and the Jāzeps Vītols a Latvian Music Academy, studied at the School of Music and Arts in Leipzig, a master's degree from the Royal Music Academy in Brussels;

• Winner of many international music competitions;

• Emperor, the creator of Dagamba;

• About Dagamba: “He brings together different cultural cultures, creating a unique and unique sound. The show is a combination of rock, pop, world and classical music. »Albums: New Life (2012), Recycled (2015), Seasons (2016), #LudwigVanRammstein (2017), DaGamba feat Tchaikovsky (2019).

• Family status: spouse of Ilva Lazda, daughter of Paula.

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