Daile Theater Producing Charles Taylor's Development Competition

On 20 February, the Riga City Council Property Department has announced the application for a face-to-face competition and Daile Theater square. The landscape's renovation works will be held for 100 years from theater – November 2020.

In preparing for the market, our ancestors clean their homes and their surroundings to wait for guests. The Dodes Theater – the 100th anniversary anniversary – will be marked in November 2020, and so it is important that we can expect a well organized and well organized holiday.

Over the last twenty years, professionals want to reconstruct the drama again and finally the ice has moved.

Daile Theater is one of the stories of Latvian culture, and the surrounding environment must therefore be that it creates a unique atmosphere for the drama visitor. I am sure we thank the reconstruction, we will create this unique urban environment that will benefit not just the theater audiences and its staff, all residents and hospitality of Riga.

With you,

Andris Vitols, Director of Daile Theater

The news release issued by the Riga Department of the Riga Town Council Department of Communications can be here.

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