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EGOISTE: Indeed, everything is a source, tell me where was the idea of ​​this brand born?

Kristine Plaude: "The beginning of the M50 has already started, when we had two owners with our partner. By embarking on the production of our own clothes, we realized that the logo and its concept of the source as a banner of two separate, independent, and so should be set.

As we cooperate in the fabric of the fabric and my own responsibility, I realized that it should be my own style and style that should be improved. He likes and lures people.

EGOISTE: Why is Plaude Apparel called him?

Kristine Plaude: For the buyer to believe that everything should be true. So my name is also in the title. It also appears in the body's identity. I wanted the brand logo in the name of a surname to be a fish umbrella. The artist's suggestion is to be at # 39; Only played the fish tail with a palm, so that the identity of international identity was also important.

Plaudern in a number of foreign languages ​​means hitting. This is an interesting graphic game.

Surely, I'll use it in the future as a print for sport.

"Plaude Apparel"

PHOTO: Illustration picture

EGOISTE: Rejectives key features, not telling us …

Kristine Plaude: "Plaude Apparel" is an accessible, comfortable cover that shows the figure and the "flattery". The highest degree of simplicity and equity of care for equipment. Nothing is important, prices are very valuable. The clothing will be served for a number of seasons and do not. go out of fashion.

I am trying to create patterns that are in a position. look different to everyone. They can be used in a variety of ways, along with mood.

Selected silhouettes appear to be very simple, but all with a special feature. At each height it receives a different character, which identifies the user's unique style.

"Plaude Apparel"

PHOTO: Illustration picture

EGOISTE: You have said, "I do not think it's obvious to follow fashion clearly. It is more important to give a comfortable feel and to express feeling & # 39 ; women. "Say, what about a modern woman and the fashion that worships her passive?

Kristine Plaude: I think people are attracted and are not interested in fashion, but what is related to it. Social events, conversations, magazine cover and public figures.

It's really fun, but we're honest when we need to take care of something in our daily board, and also looks for a big representative.

Because a woman is not just a woman today. She is a mother, businessman, lover, politician, and so on. Active and running regularly. I have said that a woman today wants to buy three different dresses at a reasonable price, not expensive.

Women are looking for practical solutions for their current logo. That's why I'm not saying it's a fashion shelter; there.

"Plaude Apparel"

PHOTO: Illustration picture

EGOISTE: Why are you so big at jeans?

Kristine Plaude: It's my weakness from childhood. The fact was that it was not available in youth. I was getting everything from her; uniform and graduation coat.

Jeans are blue, and it's suitable for us as Viking people with a cool skin touch.

It's a special stuff. It is stable – wearing change and weird clothes to & # 39; get a new sum. And the jeans are always up to date and our weather is seasonal

I LOVE: A description of a woman who's a Behave Apparel Plaude!

Kristine Plaude: She is beautiful and she wants to look well. It helps him to become confident and inspire to be able to; live in her own accord!

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